Friday, October 31, 2008

Guessing it is one!! But one HEALTHY one!!!!

We got our second beta - it is 170!!! GREAT NEWS! I will now risk a guess and say that I have one early implanter! So far, this is one REALLY healthy start! They said my progesterone was super-high so we wait another week, I go in for p4 and e2 testing and then they will start to slowly wean me off of the medicines.

I am so unbelievably happy. I know I was nervous about this number today because I was babbling to one of my favorite nurses this moring about how I'm supposed to be positive and not be nervous, etc, and now that I know it slighly more than doubled, I feel such relief and excitement that I am almost shaky!

I also talked to the nurse at CCRM yesterday about my concerns with my thyroid. She left me a message saying they wouldn't mind if I had it checked, so I snuck it onto the order form for the HCG test this morning. Wasn't sure how ticked they'd be at me for doing it, but it turns out they weren't upset at all and the number came back around 2.7, still within normal limits, so I am doing well with that too! oh, thank you thank you thank you....!


DAVs said...

WOW--great news ALL AROUND! And one healthy baby will be awesome. So happy for you!!

Lisa said...

YAY!!!!!!!! So glad that beta more than doubled and is looking nice and strong!! you never know, it could still be two, it's too early to tell. But I'm glad it's nice and healthy and strong!! YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!! Time to celebrate!!!!

So what happens next? Do you have another check set up? When is the ultrasound??

MamaSoon said...

WOO HOO! Lucky You, Sue! I had to since it all rhymed. When do you go for an ultrasound?

Houghton Crew said...

Wow...I just brought Erin up to speed on the the blog! We've missed a bit since I've last checked! We are so happy for you guys...keep those numbers doubling!!!! Somehow we knew CCRM would come through!

Things have been a bit hectic around here as you can imagine, but we are absolutely thrilled with your fantastic news!
Best wishes,
-Steve & Erin-

Sue said...

Josee- I have my first ultrasound scheduled for Nov 17th. I am nervous and excited and wish that HPTs gave you actual beta numbers so I can monitor myself!!!