Saturday, October 18, 2008

Waiting and recovering

Now we wait. We've spent the last two days doing random Colorado things. I can't do much physically since I am still very bloated and sore from ER. Though it is killing me to be in such a beautiful place with such beautiful weather and not be able to do fun stuff outside. So, we've modified things. Yesterday we went up to Vail (lots of driving, very little walking). It was fascinataing- the town itself opens right up to the chairlift! I mean, you are walking through cute cobblestone walking-only streets with shops and restaurants and then you are right at the chair lift.

It was nuts. We took some time to shop for souvenirs for the neices and buy $5 chapstick (we were desperate) and then went to the ski museum and got dirty with a statue of William stuff. Brett also got to got to see the statues dedicated to the Tenth Mountain Division, which he used to be a part of out of Fort Drum, that started in Colorado before WWII. Again, in these pics, ignore the pregnancy belly, it is a mirage...

Then today I felt a little better so we went for a very short, very easy hike to Castlewood Canyon State Park. We started down the nature hike but then followed a more rustic path down to the Canyon floor and along the ridge. It is a really pretty area but was a little crowded (as you get with the more easy hikes locally). We only went about a mile or so - just to get out - then called it quits since I was told not to overdo it.

That leads me to this afternoon and since University of Michigan and Michigan State are playing, you can go back to last Saturday and see that pic for our daily activity. I actually considered taking another picture of Brett on the couch with a beer, but it would be no different from last Saturday - was he even wearing the Army t-shirt last week?

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