Monday, April 25, 2011

Urgent care and uterine entrapment

Things have been progressing nicely...I know, I've been a bad bad blogger. But, in my defense, I am EXHAUSTED and a little nauseous still. The nausea has gotten better but is still there once in a while, however, the I'm TIRED. And, I have a delightful and very energetic 14 month old to chase around, so I'm pooped and barely have time to check on everyone else, let alone write a post...but this last week warrants a real blog entry.

Friday morning I woke up at 3 am and had to pee something awful...and couldn't. Not for the life of me. I know this isn't entirely unusual in pregnancy with women who have a tipped uterus since I had a little bit of this with my about 18 weeks. So, I sat there and wiggled around, leaned forward, leaned back, etc.....nothing. Okay, back to bed. Maybe next time. I tried repeatedly until 6 am when I got the faintest of half hearted trickles. And then nothing again. So, knowing this is likely the same thing I had before, when the uterus is stretched enough that it is taking over the entire pelvic cavity (happens sooner with twins...about 11 weeks I guess), and if you have tipped uterus, it gets kind of stuck there for a while, pushes on your bladder your urethra. So, Brett went to work, I went to the pool to see if swimming can make my uterus move. It didn't. Nothing...then a slight trickle when I tried as hard as I could. Around noon, I was desperate and called my OB who was closed but I did the emergency line and he called back. He told me to try a few positions but that the trickle I am experiencing is not the stuff from my bladder but rather overflow b/c my bladder is totally full. He suggested I try to get on my knees and chest for a few minutes and then try again. If that doesn't work, its off to urgent care for catherization. He said to avoid the actual emergency room because they will leave me waiting too long and this is getting critical. At 3 pm (12 hours after it started) I finally made it to urgent care, totally mortified, and had to be catherized. They were amazed at how much my bladder held. So, it was emptied. RELIEF. Then I was told that in order not to have to go back to urgent care, I have to pee every 2 hours at least...even setting a timer at night. Apparently, if I sleep through one needed pee break, my bladder might overfill and get stuck the weekend went by. I was mostly able to pee (if I leaned forward and lifted up my belly) and sometimes, not so much. But, I got through it...and I am exhausted. So so tired. I was also scared b/c I did the google search and heard that most cases eventually correct themselves but some extreme cases can get stuck and can cause miscarriage. So, first thing this morning, I made an appointment with the OB to discuss. She said that there is no way this will cause miscarriage, my babies are fine, but she is glad I came in. We talked...this should be over by the end of the week, hopefully and then she gave me a quick ultrasound, which was incredible of her. She knew I was worried. The babies were doing great. They were stacked on top of each other like in bunk beds and baby a on the bottom was rocking out and going nuts in there and baby b was snoozing away. It was wonderful. So, now no worries about miscarriage and I can handle the discomfort until it gets better...but what a weekend!

Besides that, Easter was great...though filled with some worry. Teagan had her first family egg hunt...the church one is next weekend. I have some great pictures but am too lazy to upload today:-) I will do it this week though b/c she is a sight to see in her cute little easter dress!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The twins and their big sis

So, we had another ultrasound on Wednesday. This time with the OB, who I am immediately leaving and finding another doctor ASAP. The ultrasound went well...the big baby in front is baby A who is very clear and more towards the front in my very tipped to the back uterus. The baby to the right (blurry) is baby B. Aren't they cute? They are right on top of each other already but both have nice big mansions for the moment:-)

The OB appointment went down hill from there. I only saw the nurse practitioner...we waited an hour to be seen, found out I've been assigned to the NP and not likely to see the doctor at all anymore, she didn't ask me any history questions or if I am on any meds, did my pap and pelvic exam and couldn't get to my cervix (this has NEVER happened before). She proceded to dig around for 10 minutes with the metal speculum looking for it, until I sat up and told her to stop, but, luckily, by then, she had gotten the pap b/c I was close to telling her to get the hell away from me with her metal torture devices. She actually had the nerve to suggest that I was deformed down there (Are you a DES baby?) b/c she couldn't do what doctors and nurses have been doing for YEARS (I mean, come on people, I did infertility, EVERYONE has had a hand down there). Not to mention, my daughter was held in by that cervix and then birthed through it so I'm sure it exists and it works properly! It was awful. She was weird about prescribing prenatal vitamins but then asked me about nausea as she reached for her pad to write me an anti nausea script! I was like, yes, I'm sick but I am doing ok, but can I get a prenatal, please! I left with no prescriptions. Anyway, I already found another doc and have an appt in 2 weeks. Ugh.

On another note, we got some cute pics of Teagan done for her first birthday...I"ll put one here. She is the sweetest, cutest, most loving thing. Lately, she's started dancing in circles in the family room...its so cute, I'm dying to get it on tape but she is such a ham that as soon as she sees the phone or camera, she smiles and runs for it and I don't get any dancing on film!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Adjusting and getting excited

So, I am adjusting to the idea of twins. I always knew there was a pretty good chance it could happen and, to be honest, some of you might recall me crying because the embryo we transferred with Teagan didn't make it. Its not that I actually always wanted twins, its just that we transferred 2 healthy embryos and deep down, I wanted them both to make it. This transfer, I kind of felt the same way but I was pretty sure only one would make it...and, I loved being pregnant with one and not worrying too much about preterm labor, or exercising, or weight gain, or likely NICU time or how to breastfeed 2 babies....So, those were really my concerns. I've seen women do amazing carrying twins and I've seen women on bedrest forever and a close friend gave birth to twins at 28.5 weeks. However, I've done my research and I am more comfortable that I can hold them until they are ready and I can take it really easy so that they are safe and protected and grow. I've since learned that I have to gain at least 40 pounds, most of which I should start putting on soon. I have to cut down a lot of my exercise, which is fine, I'd do anything for them. I also have a better chance of carrying them past 35 weeks simply because I've been pregnant before. And, I keep thinking, Teagan stayed in to almost 42 weeks, so would that maybe indicate I might be okay at it???? Besides that, I know I can breastfeed two. Despite not being very well-endowed in that department, I made more than enough milk for Teagan so, as long as I can get a system down, it is doable. Now, I just have to make sure my doctor is a good doctor for twins, otherwise I'll have to change offices. We have to buy a minivan! We have to refinish the basement and clear up the room we are using as our office to make a new bedroom! Lots of stuff...and I am all over the place..but you see how I've been thinking. About Teagan, you are all right. If I am this worried about it now, Brett and I are going to go out of our way to make her feel special and she will just hopefully learn to enjoy being a big sister to 2 little ones. Right now, she is just so loving towards babies that I am feeling hopeful. She loves to kiss babies all of a sudden - pictures of babies, her little cousin, the baby doll that we had to get the dogs ready for a baby in the house. You name it, its a baby, she kisses it and snuggles it. I actually caught her pulling up the baby doll's shirt and kissing her belly! (okay, so she was mimicking mom, but it was so cute I wanted to cry!). I am 8 weeks now and have a sonogram with my old OB on Wednesday. If I think he will do a good job with twins, I'll stay, if not, I am looking for a new one. As some of you recall, I don't have great loyalty to this OB specifically, since he didn't even make it to Teagan's birth (and I was induced), so I am on the fence about him already. I've been reading the Barbara Luke twins book and taking her advice so we'll see how that goes. I also started cutting down on the PIO this week and the vivelle patches, so hopefully that trend will continue come Thursday's blood test. In the meantime, I am extremely nauseous, have a pretty bad cold and am completely exhausted. But, I am getting excited:-) Ugh, and yes this post was a mess but I have to run and wanted to get it up...however, I did format it and have no idea why it lumped together like that in some weird chain-of-thought paragraph! But, I suppose it is fitting...