Sunday, October 12, 2008

The friends you make online

Brett and I took a trip up to Bloomfield and Lafayette, CO today to meet up with one of the women I've been talking to for the last 8 months on one of the fertility bulletin boards. It is amazing to finally meet people who have supported you and who you've supported for such a long time. We drove up to their house (which happens to be one town away from where Brett and I are considering moving to!) and we all went out to lunch. Jen is about 5 months pregnant now and looks very happy and nicely round:-) Her husband, Walt, seemed like a great guy. Brett and I had a great time and can't wait to meet up again next weekend!

Besides that I have a small update on the follicle front. As of yesterday we have 14 follicles that look likely to make it to the right size and another 3 that are lagging a little. However, the 14 good ones are all almost the same size which is amazing! Unlike every other cycle I've done, in which there was always a lead follicle that steals all the meds from the other potential eggs, they are all growing nicely and evenly (thanks to the genius docs at CCRM and the new protocol). So, everything looks great. My hormones were all so good that I was able to skip another day of monitoring and didn't have to go in today. So, I will know more tomorrow.

The weather is supposed to get great again tomorrow so Brett and I are thinking about going up to the Rockies or down to Colorado Springs again (Brett used to live there and we know the hiking areas better). I can't wait to get outside a little again! Hopefully I'll have some fun pictures!

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