Tuesday, October 21, 2008


For those of you questioning, the title means 2 days post 3 day transfer. It's a fun time. Just waiting. Right now I am waiting for a phone call from the embryologists telling us if any of the remaining 10 made it to blast. I've been trying to remain calm but things have been kind of hitting the fan. I had a negative reaction to the progesterone medicine I was taking and have again been told to do the dreaded PIO- the horrible progesterone in oil shot. A big 2 inch intermuscular (in the butt) shot that must be given daily. I hate it. But, if it helps, here we go.

I am finally off of bedrest. CCRM requires more bedrest than most, but their stats are so high, I willingly complied. So day 1 was flat on my back with a very flat pillow and only getting up to use the bathroom. Day 2 is propped up with no more than 15-30 minutes upright at a time. Today, then, I am sitting up on the couch with Brett, blogging and watching TV.

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