Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ok, so the last time I wrote we were waiting for the transfer... ok all done. We put in 4, what our RE called 'perfect, embryos! Which is good! And to which we also found out is the new standard at this particular office. When they are looking at the state of the embryos and there are clear leaders at the 3 day check, they now go ahead and transfer those versus waiting until a 5 day. Hmmm... interesting concept, wish they had told us that before we flew out of our hotel and raced in a complete panic to the RE's office in fear we had only three embryos and the rest had stopped growing. Oh well.. we are really happy with the end result however - so all's well that ends well! As for the rest of the 10 remaining embryos you ask? Well they are still growing.. there are a few they can see right now probably will not make it to day 5 and they only freeze those that are of high quality.. so we really don't know yet. But we are pleased as punch to had 4 really great ones transferred and hopefully a least one decides to stay around for the long haul!


DonnaPetit said...

I'm thinking this adventure to Colorado has been worth every penny you spent! I can't wait to hear the details, also I just called Walgreen's and told them to order an extra 24 cases of pregnancy tests just for you.

Houghton Crew said...

Go 4 embryos go!!! That is so great guys!! Keeping fingers & toes crossed!! Erin & Steve