Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 snowbabies!!!

So, out of 10 embryos that we left in the lab, only 2 made it to "freezable" quality. One is graded a 4bb (the pic on the left) the other had another grading I didn't recognize but was about the same. Isn't it pretty? The lab technician was so sweet, she was happy that I wasn't sad that only 2 of them made it (actually laughed) b/c I'd already decided none made it to blasts of good quality. She said that there would be 2 beautiful blasts waiting for me in 2 years when we come back for a sibling!!!! I grilled her about quality and stuff, made a few jokes and got off the phone very relieved. Only 2 out of 10 isn't great but considering that we put in 4 beautiful 3 day embryos, I can't complain - and, as of last Sunday we already knew that there was a MAJOR distinction in quality between the 4 we transferred and those that were left. So, a decent result, especially if we get pregnant this time. I am refusing to think about how terrible it will be if we don't...
Oh, the picture is from the advanced fertility center website. They have alot of great information about IVF and grading, so I thought I'd use some of their info, but still give them props.
So, Pray for my 4 babies. Today they are supposed to be hatching and attaching to the uterine wall...


Lisa said...

Hi Sue!

You know me from both IVF boards, and I was just checking up on you to see how you were doing and how you were feeling after transfer. And I stumbled across your blog! Looks like we both have blogs and didn't even know it. He he.
Anyway. I am SOOO happy to learn about your 2 frozen blasts! WOOHOO!!! And i'm praying hard for the little embabies inside you.
This is the cycle for you -- I can feel it!


Amy said...

I love the "blast" terminology, that is awesome.
And it is VERY Cute =)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

PS: Think positive!!!!! I am praying and crossing every part of my body for you two!!!! I am itching to buy baby clothes.
Love ya,