Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yup, its confirmed as TWO GIRLS! Eeek, my poor hubby is going to be woefully outnumbered. But, they are beautiful. Everything looked great. They are measuring 9oz and 10oz, right on track, and were laying head to head and foot to foot....I'll post some pics. Just adorable. And, my cervix is at 4.2! So, no restrictions yet! Things are going great!

2 heads together, plotting against us already:

A pile of feet:

Beautiful profile of baby A....baby B hid her face (boo) but we get a second ultrasound in 2 weeks as a result (yay!):

Monday, June 20, 2011

I am HUGE!!!

I love that kid's smile! check out those pearly whites! Okay, so she was making a whacky smile, but it gives you an idea of her personality:-)

Today we should hopefully find out the sexes of my babies! I am so excited! there have been hints (as many of you know) that we have 2 girls, but I am really not sure. Hopefully, they cooperate!

On a different note, here is a quick (and horribly ugly...) belly pic taken on friday...just under 19 weeks pregnant.