Monday, October 6, 2008

On her way

Mama Norman is on her way to join my pups for a fun filled 2 weeks of dog sitting. Those of you who don't know, this is gonna be a RIOT. The neighborhood will soon be filled with loud polish yells, things being thrown, and laughter. Yes, my mom is an incredble, warm, not-so-quiet Polish woman with 3 dogs of her own. She has been incredibly sweet by offering to take 2 weeks off of work (unpaid, I might add) and driving her dogs 4 hours to our house to watch my babies! Just so you understand this -she has a terrier mix who is 14 years old, a papillon who is about 6, and a Chihuahua who is about 8, and how they get along with my 2 big, goofy boxers is nothing but a miracle! The best part is that my mom is usually in the middle of all the play, yelling her head off. Oh, and ALL of the dogs are scared of the Chihuahua!

So, I've already warned the neighbors...though they will still probably be in for a shock. Maybe I'll have some cute pics later just to help explain the situation. Brett is leaving for a business trip in Massachusetts today so, lucky him, he gets to avoid the craziness...but in the meantime, I have to go get a shot ready to give (the new docs want me to do menopur in the a.m. and lupron and gonal-f in the p.m. so it is a lot more to think about), and a house to clean, and maybe a couple of dogs to exercise so they are nice and tired by the time Mom gets here...

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