Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Still here. Have a ton to post but am too busy lately...and rarely get on the computer to write a post b/c I have to go down stairs to do it and my only real pregnancy complaint at this point is incredibly painful knees. I am actually worried they won't hold me up much longer. Hopefully, more later...and soon, an announcement!

Friday, October 14, 2011

2 days to 36 weeks!!!

Its taken me forever to get here and get an update down on the blog. I am 35w5d today and just looking to make it to Sunday, at least. For the time being, I seem okay...but for the last couple of weeks, I have had some really bad contractions (some getting to only 7 min apart for hours) and some serious doubts about being able to make it to 36 weeks....but, here I am. I am hoping to get to 37,though, to be honest, my body somewhat disagrees with this since it feels like it is giving out! I am exhausted and worst of all, my knees are hurting more than I could ever have imagined. Apparently the relaxin loosens the joints, all the weight pulling forward compromises the integrity of the joint, and then I live in a split level where anything I need to do requires using stairs. I am in agony! I have family visiting a lot and helping out, which I appreciate but also, on some level, hate. I hate that I can't do things myself, I hate that I can't play as much with Teagan, and I hate that I feel so not "me". But, that being said, I love these babies and want them to be strong and healthy...and I am leaving their birthday up to them, so we will see what they choose:-)

Besides that, I have absolutely nothing to say...too tired to really be coherent. I just took a pic on Sunday so I will post that one give you an idea. I haven't gained as much as I wanted to...but I am glad I didn't listen to my doctor (the one I changed to on recommendation of a friend) and I front loaded the weight gain. This particular doctor told me not to worry about gaining and that it all comes on quickly at the end. I didn't believe him so I purposely gained weight faster...he didn't seem happy...but here I am, almost 36 weeks, and barely up 38 lbs. And, I haven't gained in about 3 weeks...I just can't eat enough with my stomach all squished up. So, I am trying to keep eating and my new (the OB that delivered Teagan) seems to think I am doing fine....but I am starting to look funny with this HUGE belly and not so big anywhere else...I think I am actually getting skinnier in places and I don't think it is good for the babies or for breastfeeding eventually....

So...on that note, off to get breakfast ready. I will try to update soon...