Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I made it!!! No thanks to thrifty rent a car!!!

I made it! yay! The flights were great but I will say this...NEVER EVER use Thrifty rent a car. I landed at 10:15 last night (way earlier than expected) and got my bag promptly. Then waited for over 30 mintues for the shuttle to the car while everyone else got picked up. I mean, I saw all the other shuttle buses go by more than 5 times each. I called Thrifty 4 times and they never answered the phone. There was no one at the counter and no direct phone to get anybody to the counter. Finally they picked me up another 15 minutes later. THEN Thrifty didn't have my car available so I got a minivan (I don't have babies YET -maybe it's a sign?), THEN the tire pressure light started blinking and an alarm went off before I even left the lot. I went to figure it out with them and they said not to worry - drop in air temperature always causes that (um, it was still 54 degrees). So I was so annoyed I just took it but I think I'm going to stop by when I pick up Brett on Thursday.

Besides that, I spoke to CCRM yesterday and they increased my meds. It seems that they are going to change the dosage every day based on my blood tests and ultrasounds. They literally gave me what different dosages to take yesterday, this morning, this evening, and then tomorrow A.M. and after tomorrow, I go in daily for monitoring. Um wow. Lets hope all this monitoring works.

Well, I am going to get out and do some grocery shopping, stop by Corepower for some mcyoga at noon, and then come back here and take a nap. I am sooooo tired.

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