Friday, November 19, 2010

Results are in...

Let me start by saying that I was okay...staying busy and ignoring the fact that I was waiting for results...until last night. Then I got stressed. I mean, out of 15 embryos, only 3 made it? And, on day 6? And at best they are a 3bb and 2 2/3's???? But the news is in....out of 4 embryos tested, all 4 are normal! I can't believe it. I woke up this morning stressing that my RE (who is incredibly nice) was going to have to call me with bad news and how he must hate that part of his job...and then I get a beautiful message that I have 4 normal embies!!!!

Now, I can enjoy the holidays and shoot for a February FET!!!! Go me!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The little blast that could.

I'm seriously having problems with the lab this cycle. But, that aside, I called the lab yesterday and left them a message asking about my little 2/3 embryo from last cycle and whether or not it thawed nicely and was able to be retested. It was! It is now a retested and refrozen pretty little 4BB. Yay! So, that makes 4, just like last time...hopefully we get 1 or 2 normals and we can have that sibling!

I also asked the embryologist if the retested embryos do well. He said usually if they thaw nicely one time, they thaw again nicely the second time. He also said that they don't really have statistics on how they implant but, so far, they seem to be implanting pretty well, from the few people who have had only retested embryos transferred (b/c otherwise, you transfer a retest and a regular and if you get preggo with one you never know which one took). So, there you go. That's good. However, I also wanted to know at what stage my 12 other embies arrested. Get this, the 3 that were tested were the only three that made it to 8 cells on day 3. The others almost all arrested prior to morula stage and were either 4 or 6 cell embies on day 3. Eeeeek. Its honestly kind of shocking. I guess its a good thing I got this cycle in when we did. Again, hopefully we get a normal or two, right? That is all we need. I was really just being greedy.

On the beautiful baby front: My little one is a holy terror and is running the household into the ground. She is happy again now that she can move herself around and is literally chasing the dogs around and stealing their toys. We keep an eye on all of this baby/puppy action but they immediately let her have the toy and then look at her longingly until she is done with it. Its pretty cute. She is starting to laugh at everything and is doing a weird little sounds like a cough but its just a noise she makes and she expects you to make it back to her, at which point she smiles and does it again....ahhh the start of communication. Of course there is also the ongoing mamamamamamam.......dadadadadadada too, which is sweet. I'm loving this.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not the greatest news

Well, we did get some to test...though not many. We have 3 day 6 embryos and all three are average quality, 3BB. They are thawing and rebiopsying one from last cycle today. That means we have 3 or 4 going for testing. I am kind of bummed, though thankful that we have any for testing. I guess my eggs are really pretty poor quality, huh? Even with my good FSH, AMH, and the fact that I easily stimulate, I didn't get the best results. Its funny, I went into this very neutral but then started getting excited with the number we got, and the decent fert report and the fact that we had so many embryos to grow out....then I get a little crushed when so few get to a good quality blast stage. Ugh.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No news tonight.

So, it was getting late here so I left a message for FLC to see how my day 6 embies did. I got no response. It was approaching 7:45 (5:45 Colorado time) here and finally, I got a call from my nurse (?!). I freaked out...she told me to relax, that it wasn't bad news but the lab had one more thing to do before they called me with the results. She said that they like to call only with a final report and they have one more thing to do. I told her that I was super-good about not bugging them on day 3-6 and that couldn't they at least tell me if I had ANY embryos go out at all? She said "but they all go out at once, so none have gone yet, but when I talked to them, they definitely didn't suggest that this was a bad thing." Ugh. I asked her again for any info at all and she said she'd try to catch the woman she spoke to earlier to see if she could get any info...she put me on hold...and came back to say that there was no answer, but that I shouldn't worry, I'd get a call tomorrow. She finally said that she'd try to reach the lab person again and if she was able to tonight, I might still get a call but that she didn't think it was likely. Here is the thing...I love my nurse. She has never steered me wrong or done anything to make me doubt her or even get frustrated with her. I believe her. But, wouldn't this make you worry? I mean, what could they be doing with my embies now anyway? I mean, they are past day 6 at this point, so will be discarded and there is nothing that can be done to them, right?

My only hope is that they got one or two yesterday and one or two today and then forgot that I asked them to thaw and rebiopsy the one from last cycle so are doing that and since it isn't done, it isn't a "final report" so they didn't bother calling. This is me grasping at straws and getting desperate...really, I'm kind of upset and nervous that I did all of this for nothing. I know I said I'd be totally relaxed about this and I mostly succeeded until late this afternoon....but the lack of update and then this phone call just has me concluding that none of my embryos made it...but then, how can you get 15 fertilize and none make it to blast? does that happen? I hate this. I truly almost forgot what this was like...I HATE IT.

I'll update when I can...but I don't have much hope.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Humor.

Yup, those are my poor puppies...oh, what we do to them! They were going once a week to a local day care ever since we had Teagan, just to get some energy out (boxer owners, I'm sure you know what I mean). Well, they did this at the daycare before Halloween and sent it to us a week or so ago. Too funny.

Still waiting. 2 years ago with the cycle in which I got pregnant with Teagan, we got a call on day 1 after egg retrieval to give the fert report. Then we got a call on day 3 to give a progress report. Then on day 5 they called to tell you how many (if any) were advanced enough to biopsy that day (and estimate if they thought any would make it the next day). Then, finally, on day 6, you got the official last word report. This year- one call on day 1 after retrieval and then nothing until day 6. Its a good thing I am much calmer this time, right? can you imagine? So, tomorrow is day 6. I am taking it as a good sign (grasping at straws?) that they didn't call me today to tell me that all of my embryos arrested prior to day 5...but that is as high as I am getting my hopes. I hope hope hope I get a good report tomorrow. Yes, this is MUCH easier this time around. But, we still did a lot and made A LOT of sacrifices to make this happen (no more hair appointments, no shopping (and I am a girl who thinks Levi's are designer jeans, okay?), a serious (almost ridiculous) food budget that has us eating beans and rice a lot, I stopped breastfeeding early, Brett took days off from work...I could go on) and it would be nice to have a good result. Ugh. Waiting.

I am feeling okay. It seems that the meds prevented OHSS. So, I am hitting the gym tomorrow. I've been taking it easy since I know my ovaries are still very large and it is dangerous to do too much...not to mention, I am still bloated and having serious digestive issues b/c I don't think there is room down there for movement, if you get my meaning...but at the same time, exercise is a great stress reliever for me and I feel good and I want to keep I'm going to head out tomorrow. I'll update when I can.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Crawler (not the french donut)

Teagan started crawling in the hotel room in Colorado. It started when we were at the Embassy Suites on Tuesday, then we switched (that day) to the Staybridge where the coffee table made an amazing little crawl tunnel and she was off. Here's a short video:

Then, of course, was Halloween. Now, I have to explain the costume. My mother is Polish and, though she speaks wonderful English, is also a teeny bit passive aggressive. Well, before I gave birth, we told her we were naming our daughter Teagan. She made a face. Several days later, she came over and said, "Are you sure you want to name her that? Won't the other kids make fun of her?" I said, "for what?" Her response: "Well, for being named after a Winnie the Pooh character.". She thought we were naming her Tigger. So, Teagan's nickname was born...and so, to be passive aggressive in return, we found a cute Tigger costume for her....

Besides that, not much to report. CCRM doesn't call on day 3 anymore to give an update on your embryos so I still wait until Wednesday. I'm pretending that nothing is happening, for my own sanity. Staying busy, etc. I'm also exhausted because our little one seems to finally be getting her 2 bottom teeth so we got no sleep at all last night. This morning, we see two little bumps in the bottom front, so I'm guessing it is any day now...poor little thing.