Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She's here!!!

Boy do I have a birth story to share but that will have to wait for another day...since we are still in the hospital but I wanted to take a moment to share our great news. Teagan was born at 10:11 last night, weighing 6lbs, 15 oz, measuring 19.5 inches. At first she seemed shy to enter the world, but once things got started I couldn't stop her progress and she really was born VERY FAST.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Induction day is here!

We just got back from the OB and everything is looking good but Teagan appears to have absolutely no interest in coming out on her own. The amniotic fluid level is lower than it was but still relatively safe -they said it is in the 45th percentile and they really only worry when it goes below the 5th precentile, but I've been obsessing about meconium in the fluid or low fluid for the last 3 days...poking the poor kid and eating sweets regularly just so that I can reassure myself she is still ok in there.

Anyway, we go in at 6 pm tonight for some cervix softening and the doctor seems to think that that alone should do the trick. It'll be a long night and he is guessing we will have her early tomorrow morning!!!

I'll update as soon as I can with cute baby pics:-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

40 weeks, 5 days and counting... (edited to add....)

Edited to add: OB's office called and I have an induction scheduled for Monday at 6pm...we are all hoping Teagan decides to make her appearance before then, but I feel better that she will be out and safe in 3 days time!!! how exciting!!!!

Still here. Yup. Teagan has absolutely no intention of leaving her cozy little home. I am now becoming a nervous wreck. Those of you who have been through a lot of this journey with me know that I am a serious worrier and that I've had some losses along the way. Well, apparently I did a pretty good job of pushing my fears aside by saying I just have to make it to 40 weeks...just 40 weeks, right? Well, now that's been pushed off to 41 weeks and my worrying has started. I know that the 40 week estimate is just that - an estimate. That normal gestational times are 38-42 being over 40 weeks is totally normal and okay for the baby. However, I worry. I worry that she will get caught up in the cord, I worry that the placenta will start to function less or the amount of amniotic fluid she has around her will start to shrink - all concerns that come up in situations where the baby stays in past 40 weeks. I am obsessing about kick counts and what the heck she is doing in there.

I will say that one myth has been busted. Babies do not slow down at the end. Mine is apparently a strong and active little bugger because she is kicking my butt, um, literally. I mean, when she starts moving, you can see her from across the room. She forces my belly out at odd angles, moves from side to side, moves her head around, hitting my cervix (which is great- helps effacement, but hurts!), my bladder, and, yes, even my butt. Ouch. I am so incredibly thankful for the strong movements but I think they are so strong because she should be out by now!

I am worried that my body is not willing to do what it needs to do. I worry because I was in a February due date group with over 25 women in it and all but 4 of us have given birth. I think me and two other women on the board were the only ones to go over our due dates. I know this is because almost all of them were induced or had c-sections for various reasons but it still makes me feel like I am being left behind or I should be insisting on being induced because I think they probably think I am crazy to let her stay in there so long. However, I know that especially with first time moms, 40 plus weeks is normal and that inducing increases your chances of fetal distress and a c-section. Don't get me wrong...if they tell me that I need a c-section for medical reasons, I will get one. If they say it is safest, etc...fine. But, a vaginal birth is healthier for mom and baby...particularly a natural here I sit, waiting.

Okay, I have a question for those of you who already have kids and breastfed...did your hospital supplement with formula? Did they insist on it? or, were you good with just feeding colustrum until your milk came in? I know colostrum is normal for babies for the first few days and has everything necessary for a baby to be healthy and grow in those first few days but lately people have been insisting that this isn't true and obviously you need to supplement in order to get the right amount of weight on your baby right away. I disagree and plan to tell my hospital that they are not to give her any formula, pacifiers, or bottles of any kind...but I'm curious what other people's hospital experiences were like. Um, if I ever actually do have this baby, the information might be helpful!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

40 weeks, 2 days (or 3 if you ask the OB)

The appointment went well today. I am unfortunately still only 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced, which is shocking considering the amount of contractions I am having. Last night, we actually timed them at every 5 minutes, lasting over a minute each for over an hour. This is usually when they say to call and go in to L&D. However, they just weren't painful enough. We decided to go to bed. I was awoken 2 times with very painful contractions, but that was it. We thought that would get us a little movement in the cervix area...but no such luck. Oh well.

However, we got a sonogram which showed the world's cutest little tushy tucked under my right ribcage. Teagan is measuring at about 7.3 lbs right now, which they say is perfect. The measurements are give or take a she is anywhere from 6.3 to 8.3, but they are thinking on the smaller side of that...around 7 lbs. They measured her head, her belly and her femur, and all came back at somewhere around 37 weeks, which is in the normal range and not big...yay for me! So, those dreams I have been having of carrying around an 11 pounder were totally wrong! They fetal non-stress test went well and she looks healthy and safe in there for now.

The doctor discussed possibly inducing but said that there is no real reason at this point since she looks good and healthy in there. She said she'd be willing to if I absolutely wanted it but I am uncomfortable with the idea of inducing when I am only 50% effaced and 2cm dilated. It seems that when your body isn't terribly ready to give birth, inducing greatly increases your chances of having complications and eventual c-section. So, Brett and I are going to be patient (or pretend to be). We have another appointment on Monday, when I will be 41 weeks, 2 days. If I don't go by then, I am sure my doctor will set us up with an induction date ASAP since our conception date really is set in stone thanks to IVF and placentas do not last forever. I really really do hope that we go before then.

I am seriously trying some of the labor induction techniques...eating spicy food, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, walking a lot....but nothing. So, here we wait.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

40 weeks. Still here

Not much to say about that. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!! We are a little at a loss this year since it was so hard to just taking it easy. Went to the mall to walk and try to get things moving. Alas, no movement. I'll post again after my OB appointment on Tuesday...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Will be here forever?

So, I have 2 days to my due date. I've been joking that I am going to go over the due date from the beginning in the hopes of getting myself used to the idea. I thought I got used to the idea...but I want this baby out now! I used to say that since we'd been TTC for so long that 40 weeks would be a walk in the park...its not! I swear! It takes you about 38 weeks to get used to the idea and then you are like, I'M DONE. In any event, I've had a wonderful pregnancy until this last week or so...when the sciatic pain hit and the tailbone pain hit and contractions that go nowhere started. Its like a tease. At first, Brett and I were like, ohhhh...contractions, better bring the bag down and make sure the cell phones are charged!!! Now, a contraction starts and we look at each other and go, "something to talk to the doc about on Tuesday!". Ugh. And, trust me, I am not complaining that much...I know I am blessed. I feel lucky beyond words. Its just that I can barely walk with the back pain and I do have the nesting energy without the ability to do anything about it, so it is frustrating. I have become incredibly impressed with women who have had to be on bedrest. I know if it was best for my baby/babies, I'd make myself do it but I can't even imagine how hard it is.

Anyway, so the guys at Brett's work seem to be in competition for the worst baby care stories etc. While I get all the annoying women advice, he gets the rest of it. First they tell him to get me up and, guys, I'd freaking go jogging at this point if I could just to move things along...but my right leg gives out from nerve pain!!!! He hears that one a hundred times a day. Then he hears how he'll be begging them to come over to their house to get away and watch sports in just a month. Then they tell him to make sure neither of us are committed to breastfeeding b/c it is harder than it looks...its like all negative stuff. We are aware of (but haven't experienced first hand, I know)how hard it all is that is why we aren't committed to anything but having as healthy a baby as we can and keeping our relationship strong throughout! I would like to go through labor without drugs but will definitely not beat myself up if I ask for an epidural (with all this backpain and likely to have back labor, it looks like I am almost defnitely going to get an epidural...oh well). I would love to be able to breastfeed and that is our plan but if it doesn't work out, I will do the best I can for Teagan...and Brett understands that. I mean, why make this harder than it is? I understand that they earned their "war stories" but why can't any of it be good stuff? I guess it is the same for me and the women stories...I don't think I've heard a positive birth story from IRL friends since I got pregnant. Ugh.

One other thing that I've recently noticed. I know another blogger recently mentioned that infertility affects 1 in 6 women (or was it people?) and she knows no women in her life that have experienced it so she feels alone. I just realized that when I was trying to get pregnant I felt the same way. Now that I am very pregnant and seem unable to keep my mouth shut about how we got there (why do I feel the need to educate everyone?), EVERYONE has fertility issues. Seriously. The nice older guy at the pool and his wife had a hard time. He said it took them over 6 years! They eventually had 2 girls, both of whom had to do fertility treatments to have his grandkids. The photographer who took our maternity pics recently had a m/c. The photographer who I spoke to about baby pics is pregnant but her SIL is experiencing infertility and seeking a good RE. One of the 4 pregnant women at church (we bumped into her doing her registry at Target) is having twins as a result of many IVF treatments, the last one that finally worked. I finally got in touch with a very old friend on facebook (we grew up on the same block practically) and he mentioned that he and his wife have been TTC for a while and were seeking out a doctor's care and are now embarking on their first IUI cycle soon. Its like now that I am not stressed about what will happen but have finally become a success story, so I am not all anxious about it, infertile people have appeared everywhere. It is the strangest thing. So, to all of you fellow IFers - they are all out there, all around...its just everyone is struggling and keeping it quiet because what can they say? It is so painful to all of us going through it that it is even a hard subject to broach without getting very emotional and who wants to do that with a semi-stranger, you know?

Anyway, I thought that was interesting. Now, can someone tell my baby girl that it isn't cool to be late to her own party?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

39 weeks 2 days OB appt and pics

She's still in! I've had some interesting changes in the last week though. Wednesday I think her head descended a little more and began resting nicely against my sciatic nerve. I could barely walk. I tried swimming since they said it is still good for sciatic pain and while I was in the pool, it was awesome....but then I got out of the pool. I could barely walk. It was so horribly painful, but I figured that I couldn't complain because I just started feeling bad at almost 39 weeks...really, what do I have? 2 weeks at most? Then this Saturday I started having contractions pretty regularly and they started getting intense. So much so that over the night I woke up 3 or 4 times with strong, painful contractions. Brett and I started joking about a Superbowl baby and how if she was born on Sunday, we might have to change her name to Peyton, lol. Things slowed down, then I got a few more painful contractions Sunday afternoon...then nothing. I know my body is getting "ready" but I really thought I'd be one of those women who has no contractions that they are aware of and then boom! they are in labor. My mom was this way...but she also gave birth to us both early and drank and smoked through both pregnancies, so maybe things were different?

In any event, this morning was our weekly OB appt. I made the appointment expressly with "OB Barbie" who is the one doctor that I haven't met yet at the practice. Her picture on the wall of the practice looks like an L.A. Headshot and since I've started going there, she hasn't been around. First she was on bedrest for a pregnancy, then maternity leave, etc. Well, I just found out last week that both of the other doctors will be away next week and if I go over 40 weeks, the only one left for me is who I call OB Barbie (please don't be offended by this...when you are big as a freaking house, feel like poopy and will be in pain and probably sweaty and nasty, you really don't want a hot, seemingly very young doctor to come in and deliver your baby...just the way it is). I got nervous about this because I've never met her, she was only going to be at the office for the week before the planned vacation, then she would be the ONLY ONE left in charge and then she was leaving the practice for good. Wouldn't that make you nervous? Granted I know the OB is there for very little time during delivery and it really doesn't matter who you get...but then I started worrying about her decision making skills...she is going to be the one deciding if I get induced or if I need a c-section b/c the other docs that I trust will be gone...freaky right? Well, I met her today and she was better than I expected. Not in love with her...but I felt more comfortable. Turns out she is less likely to induce than one of my favorites, so that is good. (Plus, she didn't look as young in person as her headshot made her look!)

She gave me a pelvic exam and we found out that I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced (yay!). This made us happy...although she apologized that I wasn't very far along. I could care less to be honest, I was just happy to see some movement in the right direction. She said she might consider stripping my membranes if I'd like it...but then she kind of wavered about it saying something about being only 50% effaced. I said it is fine, I don't mind waiting so long as everything else looked good. She said she could feel the membranes and the baby's head and everything looked good. I would have liked to have my membranes stripped b/c my chances of going into labor soon would increase, but I also don't want to do anything that would cause problems and since I am not even 40 weeks yet, I'll live with things the way they are. I have another appointment in a week, at 40 weeks, 2 days to have an ultrasound, a fetal non-stress test and meet with the doc for another internal. Hopefully we won't make it that far, but I'm betting we just might...ugh.

I did have another development on Sunday. I woke up Sunday morning with my belly looking normal and no stretchmarks at all. Then Sunday night, I started looking like a torpedo and had a few tiny little red marks right at my bikini line area...yup, at freaking 39 weeks I got stretch marks. I'm not really devastated but am a little ticked that they appeared now, when it looked like we were in the clear. I thought I'd have a ton by now since I have some around my hips from puberty so my assumption has always been that I will definitely get lots of big, ugly stretchmarks because I just have that kind of skin. Then it was nice to feel that I was saved from did that happen? Now, because she dropped really fast and hard, I have a few tiny ones...oh well.

So, here are some pics!!!
The first one is before church. Notice the huge big round belly... (notice the heating pad and exercise ball in the living room...working on that sciatic pain!!!)
Then this one was taken yesterday, when she is lower and more poking out of my lower belly. I am seriously feeling HUGE now.

Finally...we took this about a week ago. We were sitting on the couch, watching TV and I had my sweet little chihuahua on my lap. Brett pulled my shirt up over my belly to watch the baby move because she was wiggling from side to side and just going crazy in there. Well, Katie just put her little head right on my belly and her little head was moving back and forth with every one of Teagan's movements and Katie just sat there...first with her eyes open, looking up at me adoringly and then with her eyes closed, napping on the baby belly. It was just so cute!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Plugging along...

We are 38 weeks, 2 days today! And, still just plugging along. On Saturday, I started having really painful and pretty intense contractions. Brett and I got excited. They were coming and going all day long but weren't really consistent enough to worry about timing. So, we made sure the bags were ready and went to bed, thinking (really more hoping) that we'd be woken up in the middle of the night and have to get to the hospital. Sunday morning arrived. No contractions. However, I still felt icky...slightly nauseous and tired. Contractions started again a little bit on Sunday afternoon. Nothing. Then I was fine yesterday. Went to the pool, did a ton of stuff around the house, shopping, felt fine. In the evening, though, they started up again. We decided not to get too excited. This can happen for weeks still! Ugh! I want to meet my baby already!

I had an OB appointment this morning. She did do an internal to check my cervix since I told her about the contractions. I described them and she said, "those are the real thing, not BH!" and then she checked and NOTHING. Let me repeat that, lol, NOTHING. But, that's okay. I know it still doesn't mean anything. I also know that first pregnancies tend to go over 40 weeks...especially us IVF bloggers, right? we all seem to be sitting at 40 weeks -- days wondering when we are gonna go. So funny (my guess is that it has nothing to do with IVF per se, just the fact that our due dates are so obviously right that we don't get the one week this way or that way thing that the fertile girls get. Meaning they could go at 39 weeks according to their doctor but it could have been miscounted and is really 40 such question in our case). I am measuring at 37 cm which is a little small but still normal. BP is fine. That's it. I did ask about a couple of issues I'm having lately...insomnia and serious constipation...for those of you interested. Everyone seems to get constipated with pregnancy but I was doing okay on a daily regimen of fiber supplements, lots of water, exercise and colace. Then things got much better around 33 weeks...and now its returned with a vengeance. There is a chance the the baby moving down so low is causing some of the problem, but I need to work around that! I will try to add some milk of magnesia tonight if things don't get better. Oh...and the insomnia. Ugh. Its awful. I am guessing it is hormonal because I've noticed a major change in hormones within the last week or so, which is when the insomnia hit. Seriously, I get up about 7 times a night to pee and even with that, get barely any sleep in between trips to the bathroom. Not fun, but as the doctor says, totally normal and you are preparing your body for the lack of sleep later (but if one more person says to me "make sure you get lots of sleep now because you know when the baby arrives you won't be able to get any!", I'm going to explode:-))

Besides that, hanging in there. I'm just plugging along, dealing with the knowledge that this time table isn't up to me. I am just a passenger on this particular bus...and she will come when she is ready to. I'm still not nervous I think just because it is inevitable, I have no control over it, and I've waited so long for it. Hopefully, I stay that way.