Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last Minute Rush

Ok, well Sue isn't posting this because she is current getting stuck with tiny little needles - acupuncture (supposed to calm her down?) - because we are preparing to do our transfer today. Yep, a three day and not a five day like we had been planning! Is that good? Or is that bad? I am not really sure.
See we had planning to relax all day today and actually move hotels into a nicer more upscale place in preperation for the 2 day "lay around all day" requirement after a transfer. But today we were also supposed to get our embro update and see how they were going. See, that's where things got rushed. All I know is that there are a few still hanging around out there, but three are almost picture perfect - so they decided to have us transfer today. The bad news is that there may not be any left to freeze and you get a better idea of overall quliaty at a five day than a three day. Does this decrease our chances? I am not sure - Sue is smarter at this than I am. I just know that we got the call at around 830am and here I sit at CCRM waiting for the transfer to occur (and its around 920am).
So for all of you following this blog.. fingers crossed! Toes too please.. sounds like we may need it!

-- Brett (standing in for the better blogger, Sue)

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