Monday, October 13, 2008

Guess where we went!!!!

Hey, someone has placed a logo over my face!!! Okay, so I forgot about the date stamp when we took this picture. But, you get the idea:-) I can't drink alcohol but I can still enjoy its history!!! and, this made Brett very happy. We toured the Coors brewery in Golden, CO. It was great...and lots of free samples! Unfortunately (how embarrassing) my samples had to be of the unalcoholic variety. Boo Hiss.

This will be short one. Will have tons of more fun pics tomorrow since the weather has improved again and we are either going to Estes Park (rocky mtn national park) or up to the Fat Tire Brewery!!! That one is going to KILL me! I want samples dammit!

Okay, so some good news some bad news. On the good news. Still lots of follicles going. Still taking a long time to mature, which seems annoying but is good for quality reasons. However, my uterine lining is already a 14!!! What this means is that I may have to go through egg retrieval, get all the good eggs fertilized, watch them grow and then freeze them and go home b/c my lining will be too thick to put them back in! For now, they are just watching it. And, I know , most people think that it can't be too thick. Thickness just means that it is a more lush environment for the embies to snuggle into...However, it does seem that it can be too thick...and I am on my way to being there. So, I may have to leave without the embryos and come back in a month to get them defrosted and transferred. (one last thing is that frozen embryo transfers, or FETs, are usually not as successful as fresh transfers, so this was somewhat crushing and stressful today, but it seems that CCRM has a great success rate with FET's so I'll just have to deal with it if that is what happens).
For now, I am stopping gonal-f for the night, doing one more menopur shot in the A.M. and going in for another ultrasound and blood test tomorrow. I think I will be triggering either tomorrrow or Wednesday so going for retrieval either Thursday or Friday. Hopefully I will know more tomorrow.

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