Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We triggered!

Good news! First of all, my lining yesterday was at 12-13, so it looks like we might still get a fresh transfer out of this and might leave with the BEST SOUVENIR EVER!!! Also, there were 18 follicles of good size, with about 5-6 tiny I'm hoping for about 12-15 eggs, any more than that and I'll be beyond happy! In my next few posts I'll explain why it is so important for women in their 30's to get more seems counterintuitive until it is explained really well, but overall, it just gives us a much better selection since all eggs are not going to be normal or healthy or strong.

We got the go ahead to trigger last night. Brett gave me the big ugly trigger shot in my tush. That gives us 36 hours until retrieval. So I will be going in at 7:45 tomorrow morning for the retrieval. Wish me luck.

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