Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Follie Check

So, I hate to pick on my local RE because I love the office. The nurses are amazing there. However, my first follie check was a mess. They were confused about which part of the cycle I am in and not sure if I want a thick or thin lining at this point. Most RE's offices then go in with a dildocam (okay, you girls know what I mean by this...the ultrasound wand that goes inside) and look at the lining and each ovary to count the amount of developing follicles. Well, besides not knowing what we want lining-wise (it was thin and should be at this point), they looked at the ovaries and instead of counting them, said I had a "few" on the right ovary (my underachiever usually) and a "bunch" on the left and we were done! I was like, BUT, HOW MANY? I should be used to this, I know, but I thought because they were following the orders from CCRM that they would count and measure. She counted and measured a few, but that is it. It looked like 5-6 on the right and 10 or so on the left....but I don't know and probably won't know until Thursday at CCRM. I left feeling really deflated. I know I probably shouldn't, it is really early and I didn't get any info at all...but I feel let down.

Anyway, I have to run around and prepare to travel tonight. Hopefully I hear from Jen at CCRM early today so I am sure that I am still going and nothing is wrong with the bloodwork or u/s that they get. I guess we'll see...I'll keep y'all informed!

On the homefront, you should see this house! What 5 dogs and a polish lady can do to a house, lol. I'm kidding...its just there is a lot going on all of the time! But, the dogs are having fun and my mom is doing great...

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