Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quick belly pic and update

Things here are going great. I am getting huge. Today is 23 weeks! One more week until the first major viability milestone, but things are looking good. I am still swimming about 25 laps once or twice a week and taking a prenatal water fitness class once a week. Oh, and my major exercise is chasing a very active toddler around...and it is exhausting! The girls are moving constantly, which is great, and makes me remember how much I loved being pregnant with Teagan. For now, I am still pretty comfy, though my sides and ribs are a little sore from growing so fast. Here is a pic taken at just over 22 weeks, on my way to teach my last yoga class:

And, for good measure, a pic of my beautiful little girl in her bathing suit, which she loves. It is hard to find appropriate little girl clothes (according to me, I realize this is a very subjective comment), but everything is very suggestive, even for baby girls, so this is a cute one piece we found that she loves...

And, a quick picture of our big, male boxer leaping in the spray from our froggy pool, moments before he landed on it and killed it: