Tuesday, October 28, 2008

POAS addict.

Most of you who know me and have been with me through prior cycles know that I buy out the local stores of all of their HPTs. I tried not to do that this time. I really really tried. Usually I start the day after transfer so that I can slowly watch the false positive from the HCG shot slowly leave my system so that I can get a blank slate and know that any positive test after that is a real positive. I didn't do that this time. Then I got what appeared to be implantation bleeding. This caused Brett to be convinced I was pregnant and to actually (for the first time ever) encourage me to POAS! So, Sunday night (7dp3dt or 10dpo) I took an EPT (my favorite brand) and it was positive within 3 minutes. Faint, but positive (within the time limit, and you DIDN'T have to hold it up to the light to read it!). I couldn't believe it. So I took another yesterday morning (+) and another yesterday evening (+). I think you get where I am going here....Um, I am pregnant!!!! I know I should be "cautiously optimistic" but I've decided to say screw it to all that worry, and just be happy for once!

My beta HCG blood test is set for Thursday so we will know for sure on Thursday but for now, I am definitely pregnant!

I will, of course, continue to take HPT's so that I can (hopefully) watch the test get darker and darker and reassure myself that this isn't a chemical pregnancy and that the baby(ies) are still growing nicely...but I am beyond happy right now.

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Lisa said...

I usually hate those evil sticks!! I can only IMAGINE the feeling of seeing all those lines! It must be the BEST feeling in the world. I'm with you, I'd be bouncing off the wall too. I know you are supposed to be cautious, but how can you?? You're PREGNANT!!! I am SOOO excited for you! You have been through so much to get here and your story is giving me so much hope!! I literally can't WAIT to hear your beta!!! I wonder how many you have cooking in the oven??? It's So exciting to speculate!!!!