Monday, February 2, 2009

new cycle...octuplets...and pretty blogs...

I went in to the old RE's office this morning for my first bloodtest. It is CD20 and we are ready to start long as I get the call from CCRM today telling me that my progesterone levels looked good. It was completely miserable to sit in that waiting room again. How depressing. The nurses were all nice and said they were crushed when they heard the news of the miscarriage, but I truly didn't think I'd be sitting in that office again. It just brought back a lot of memories of hope and expectation. I really really dislike that RE and all that he put me through. And, the last time I was there, I was almost 10 weeks pregnant. Ouch. I think I'll do one of those summaries of treatment things to this blog (one day) since it is really a shocking history for someone with "nothing wrong".

On another note, I know everyone has heard about those octuplets, right? Feast or famine. Well, I just read an article that all of her children, 14 in case you missed it, were all from IVF. She is a supposedly obsessed with having children. But, the story is now that her RE didn't put 8 embryos back in this time, but some of them multiplied. Okay, so I know this happens (right Erin and Jana?) but, I mean, did they put 4 in and all 4 multiplied? And, any more than 3 for that age and with prior children is seriously unethical (I mean, at 33 I put 4 in but my situation was getting extreme). Um, wouldn't all 4 multiplying be extremely unusual? so needless to say, boy, is she fertile! Also, this woman is divorced and has no means of income and lives with her parents at the ripe old age of 33...? what the hell? So, how is it that she is worthy to have 14 children and the rest of us responsible, hard-working, loving people in healthy relationships can't? Where is the justice?

One more miscellaneous thing. I did a pretty blog facelift though I am not sure I like it. I think its cute but those daisies get in the way of reading, right? Oh well...I wanted to be creative and I just am not all that creative (especially not on a computer), so it will stand until I get another idea. In the meantime, thanks for all the responses to my last post...the reaction was somewhat funny on the local end. I've had a lot of comments about how emotional it was and people were surprised I was that emotional...interesting. I mentioned this to Brett and he said that its true, I'm very emotional with him but then when I post about the stuff we just discussed, it is more light and factual and not very emotional. Interesting. So, in case you couldn't tell...I am an emotional wreck, lol, even when I am not on hormones, so you can only imagine what I am like on them! Hugs!


MamaSoon said...

I am usually pretty factual too. But lately it has been hard and I've been whiny and negative on my blog. I hate it. Makes me now want to read my own stuff.

those octuplets are poor little babies with a crazy mom. there is more to this story. She creeps me out.

i like the new look. you could probably shift a margin in your html code if you wanted to if the flower bugs you that much.

i hope you'll be kissing that crap RE goodbye for good soon. Onward... and UPWARDS!!

DAVs said...

I'm sorry you have to be back in that waiting room. Sometimes I get all weird thinking about *if* we ever go back to CCRM how it will feel being there, again.

And that woman with the octuplets? She is just ruining things for other infertiles--being irresponsible. Now people will think it might be the norm to transfer truckloads of embryos at a time, and insurance will be even MORE reluctant to cover these kinds of procedures. ARGH!!!!

Sue said...

I was thinking the same thing about the octuplets. She is ruining it for everyone there are going to be serious changes to the infertility industry in the U.S. all because of some crazy lady. It is hard enough to get through all of this, we don't need more hoops to jump through!

Lost in Space said...

I'm sorry you are having hard memories with being back with your old RE. I can't imagine going back after all you have been through.

I won't even start on that octuplet lady. Too much bad stuff running through my head about that nutjob.

I like the new look! I've got the daisy things on mine too. (-;