Friday, February 13, 2009

She's here! She's here!

Throw a party! AF has decided to grace me with her presence (was not nearly this gleeful last night when she knocked the wind out of me - does the lupron makes her worse?). And, while I'm not overly-excited to start another cycle right now, I do want to get moving so that these embies can be sent off to testing, I can take a break and get start getting excited (hopefully) in a few months when we can do a transfer! So, here's to AF!
I have my suppression check scheduled for tomorrow morning (oh yes, a date with the dildo cam ON Valentine's day! I figured it was such an important milestone to mark our relationship that I shouldn't hold back...). So, I was going to reserve the celebration until tomorrow, but I doubt Brett will give me time to go online tomorrow - we like to spend time together on the weekends so I rarely update on Sat or Sun. So, I will update on Monday if I don't get on here this weekend! Wish me luck!


Retro Girl said...

I'm glad AF showed up! Good luck with your "date" tomorrow :-)...good times, good times.

MamaSoon said...

HAAAAAAAAAAA! You will have a more romantic valentine's than most with your dildocam date!


JJ said...


Angie said...

Yay, glad AF showed! Dang, why does IF take the fun out of everything?!?!? Oh well, our lives, I guess. I hope all goes well tomorrow!! :-)

kayjay said...

Yay! Yay!! Yay!!! Finally AF shows up for you! GL tomorrow and I hope all goes well at your "date"!!

Donna said...


I ran across your blog as I am desperately trying to search for information on ectopic pregnancies and found your site. I’ve just gone through my first IVF with PDG and my HCG was positive, but low. Eventually declined and now it has plateaued/slightly increasing. Our RE believes if it continues as is, that may be ectopic and he wants me to take a shot of methotrexate. From what I’ve read about this drug (it’s a chemotherapy drug that kills the fast growing cells) it tends to have a 6-month impact upon your ability to conceive. It is believed to have an impact upon both egg quality and endometrial receptivity.

My HCG never got about 129 so there’s no way to confirm via ultrasound that it’s ectopic because it is microscopic. So how do we know it’s ectopic? I’m just not ready to jump into taking methotrexate. Were you ever able to confirm your pregnancy was ectopic? And if so did you take the Methotrexate and were you advised on a waiting period?
Good luck with your next cycle. I hope this one is it for you!

Warm regards,

Sue said...

Donna- I don't have a way to contact you so I hope you check back. Your situation sounds a lot like mine with the ectopic last year. They never were able to confirm it but couldn't find anything in the uterus. I was told to come in one day to get the methotrexate shot, but to not eat anything in case there were concerns about tube rupture. When I got there, they did an u/s and it was painful, so they rushed me in for a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and D&C. While still in surgery and after the D&C, my HCG was still increasing so they flushed my tubes and it finally went down. So, we never got clear answers either. To be honest, I would have prefered the methotrexate shot to the D&C - both can impact your fertility but I understand the shot is less long-lasting. You should check out there are a lot of stories like yours! good Luck!

Lost in Space said...

Yay, so glad she decided to cooperate!! Years ago I never would have guessed a girl could have a Valentine's date like the one you get..... All my luck tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are ready to get the party started!! Have fun with the dildocam. You are getting more action than most ;) Wait that sounded bad. Have a great VDAY with Brett.

Jill M. said...

Wahoo!!! Let's Par-Tay!

Donna said...

Hi Sue,

I just realized i didnt leave you my email address so thanks for responding and thanks for your story. Wow, that's quite a story too! I've had 3 D&Cs including one that lead to a perforation of my the time i thought D&Cs were "fine".

In any event with this failed IVF cycle and as soon as we get through it, i am considering talkign with CCRM. Would you mind if i picked your brain about your experience? My email is