Monday, February 2, 2009

Ticked off

I know I already wrote a post this morning but I had to supplement it with this one. I am just so angry at my former RE's office I am ready to kill. I had an appointment this morning to have a bloodtest to get the level of progesterone in my system. If it is more than 5, I am to start lupron and dexamethasone this evening. So, at 8:30 I went in for the test. After filling out a number of forms for self-pay and paying them for the service of monitoring me during my cycle. I had the blood drawn. And I waited...and waited...and waited. They were supposed to run the test and fax the results to CCRM, who would then call me with my instructions. At 2 pm I decided to call CCRM to check if they received a fax. They didn't. So, I called the office and asked them if they faxed it, they said they did but would do it again. About 35 minutes later, I called CCRM again...they called me back at about 3, still hadn't received it. So I gave the nurse the phone number to the office. She called them. Still did not receive it. Now, my old RE's office stops taking calls at 3:30 and closes no later than 4 pm. So, the office is closed and CCRM has no instructions for me. In the meantime, I convinced the nurse at the old office to give me the number so I would know if I could was 10.2, so I should start lupron. But no, because CCRM needs a written copy of the results to have me start. Um, is this frustrating anyone else? I am waiting for another call from CCRM to discuss whether this means I have to wait another cycle (even though I ordered all the meds, arranged for family to watch the dogs, requiring that my mom take a week off from work and travel here, etc.)...and all of this because my former RE's office can't work a fax machine?


Jill M. said...

Very frustrating, sorry you're having to deal with all that! If you're on long lupron, and I think you are, you'll be fine to start one day later. When I had my p4 tested, it was 27 and the nurse told me I had to go get a beta in the morning before they would let me start lupron because that was the p4 of someone who was pg. Imagine my complete shock. I wasn't pg and just started the lupron a day late and it didn't affect anything. Hang in there!

Lost in Space said...

Oh, Sue, I am so frustrated for you. If it were on CCRM's end, I could go ruffle some feathers in person for you. I hope you are able to get things cleared up in the morning and still get started. Knowing your level, I would probably just start the Lupron anyway and hope it all gets straightened out tomorrow.

Many hugs. I know how frustrating all this long distance stuff can be.

Linda said...

Oh how frustrating! I would never go back to my old RE's office (bad experiences), so I go to one of the hospital labs. As long as the order has "STAT" on it, they will do it right away. Of course I've called the lab to make sure that the results were sent to CCRM. This last time (my P4 check before starting Lupron for my 4th FET), the lab told me that they had trouble with their fax machine. So instead of trying again on their own, I asked her if she could try again. Sheesh.

However, you should be fine starting Lupron one day later. I hope you don't have to deal with anymore frustrations.

Angie said...

Oh, seriously?!?! All of the high tech things these fertility clinics can do but they cannot operate a fax machine??? Geez, you have every right to be frustrated. I hope all works out and you can still cycle this month!

Sky said...

Sue, I am frustrated for you, truly. I have heard some pretty awful things about CNY, so this comes as no surprise.

You've probably looked into this already - but just for the sake of asking, do you have another near-by facility for monitoring?

And I bring this up only because there will be many more tests (b/w and u/s) and it would suck if this is CNY's behavior going forward.

Like this process isn't stressful and draining enough!!!

Now....for the good news, from a little experience, I don't think 1 day will make a difference for starting Lupron.

Breathe. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you need this extra stress. I dont think starting lupron a day late will be that dramatic. the point is we have jump through so many hoops and experience soo much stress from this would think something as easy as a fax would work out!!! Update us tomorrow. I am keeping everything crossed. Hang in there!!!

Rebecca said...

Ooooh, that ticks me off! Don't they know how much they're messing with - all those plans you've made and might have to cancel - when they don't follow through?

If it were me, I'd call their emergency line and pitch an absolutely HUGE fit to make them get their act together, do their job and get the results into CCRM's hands. But then again, I'm the crazy lady who in no uncertain terms told a nurse at CCRM last cycle that I didn't care if it was a Saturday, I wanted my dang Day 5 embryo report on Day 5, not Day 6, so somebody needed to get back in their car, drive back to the clinic and look up my results in the computer if that's what it took. They weren't happy with me, but after about half an hour, I did get my Day 5 report on Day 5.

MamaSoon said...

That is so infuriating. I mean, how dang hard is this? Ridiculous. I am having a similar problem but with CCRM directly.

I hope you get off to a much better start tomorrow.