Thursday, February 26, 2009

tagged for honesty!!

I was tagged and need to come up with 10 honest things about me. So, here are some random things off of the top of my head. Lots of them are probably IF related but, as most of you know, this is where I am right here goes. Oh - and I tagged a bunch of you to continue this trend at the bottom...

1. I am ridiculously nervous about blasts making it to CGH. I've never had this problem really before, I make okay blasts, and I was sure I wouldn't be overly nervous about this this time, but here I am completely freaking out. It came on today after ER.

2. DH and I see those save money with Geico commercials and actually get cranky every time. We have researched every damn way to save money this year and have done everything we can because, due to IVF this year, we are broke. We've used our savings and took credit cards out to pay this during a miserable economy. And, yes, we checked Geico, but we wouldn't save a dime.

3. I am a yoga teacher and have been doing yoga for over 12 years daily but, even though I practice all aspects of the eight limbed path of yoga, I still eat meat. I think it is cruel to myself to cut meat out of my diet. I love vegetarian food but when I go veggie, I feel worse and I gain weight. It makes no sense but must have something to do with my physical makeup. In addition, all of this IF has made practicing a yoga lifestyle difficult. But I still try...

4. I love food. I love food shows. I love cooking and going to great restaurants and think it is an incredible art. The one thing I loved about a job I used to have in advertising in NYC was that vendors would take us out to ridiculously expensive restaurants. It was worth working at a job until 2am several times a week to have that benefit!

5. I am, for the most part, happy. IF puts a damper on this but I love my husband, my dogs, my house, my neighborhood. I like our daily life. I get frustrated by the wait and planning associated with IF and the ups and downs, but that is peripheral to the good stuff in my life.

6. I keep a door closed in my house on our nursery room. The room was started and is painted beautifully for our child. We started it when I was pregnant to stay positive and keep moving forward...and since we lost the baby, I keep the door closed and the room (which used to be my yoga room) is completely unused...though Sherman (our dog) opens the door at least once a day and I have to go and close it.

7. I struggle with self image since IF started. I just don't know where I fit in. I used to be healthy and fit and take great care of myself. Now I don't feel like I fit in my body, haven't had my hair done in a while, refuse to shop for clothes until I am either pregnant or back to my old size. I also quit teaching yoga when I was on bedrest with my pregnancy so am unemployed. It has been devastating to my self image...but I am bouncing back.

8. I am a recovering attorney. I have taken and passed the bar exam in 3 states- Vermont, Washington state, and Massachusetts. I loved law school, loved being a judicial clerk but hated being an attorney and refuse to take the NY bar, because I know in my heart we are still going to move and I just don't want to do it anymore.....hence...

9. I plan to open my own yoga studio. I was supposed to when we first moved to NY, but we needed to save money and use my time for IF that has been put off....but hopefully, in a few years....

10. I want to be a mom but every time I see a teenager, I freak out about being a parent. I think I am comfortable with kids up until about 13 and then it is hard for me to imagine....

So, I have to tag 7 of you to continue this trend. It is actually really fun to learn these little tidbits about each other, but I really won't be upset if you don't continue it!!! If you are tagged, you may steal my 'honest scraps' image, post your scraps, tag 7 people whose blogs you like and then comment on their site to warn them of your tagging. So, without further ado, the following people are tagged:

Brenda (Lost in Space)
Not Your Aunt Bea


Retro Girl said...

This is so fun and such a great way to get to know each other a little more...I feel like it makes all a little more human. Thank you for sharing!

MamaSoon said...

Reading yours made me realize how depressing mine were. I am generally happy too.

As for your fear of teenagers, EEK I think we all are. Were you a tough teenager yourself?

Yeah, the Geico thing is a lie.

DAVs said...

I love reading these! I did one but didn't officially tag anyone...hoping everyone just does it.

And it's funny about the teenagers--I see them NOW and think I wish I had one. But that's because we're just sort of vaguely still cool. By the time any kid of ours is actually a teenager we'll be so old we won't be able to hear anything they say :) Maybe that'll be a good thing.

I hope you get to open that yoga studio!

DonnaPetit said...

You are so right about the teenager thing. Fortunately, you get these wonderful babies that you fall in love with first, then they are little kids and you love them more. By the time they're teenagers you may really dislike them but your foundation is solid. Once you get thru all of that, they turn into adults and you'll be amazed at what wonderful kids you managed to raise! God I'm old.

Anonymous said...

I love your honesty about teenagers, I totally agree, sometimes it scares me! It seems like a few of us have had the same thoughts.
Thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

Thanks for tagging me Sue. I will do this - but in a few days. Right now my honest side is totally dark and gloomy.

I read your list and wanted to say - open that door to the nursery. I don't have any reason for saying this, but that was what stuck out most in your list to me. Open that door - don't keep the baby's door closed. I hope I'm not sounding totally cuckoo here, and if I am, you can ignore me :-)

kayjay said...

I hear you on the making blasts point - this will be a first for me to even have a blast so I am nervous as well. I truly hope that one day, I will visit you in NY and be able to take a class at your new yoga studio where it is the furthest thing from McYoga and is calming and healing to the soul. I loved your point about being a "recovering attorney" - I'm a "recovering accountant" so I know what you mean. This was a nice way for us to learn a little more about each other :)

Sky said...

Very cool. Some good stuff I didn't know about you!

Ever consider just going the whole lawyer thing for a few years, raking in the big bucks and getting the hell out of it for good then?

Of course, it's what I say I'm doing in Corporate America, yet here I still am. It's like the Godfather, "every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in."

Never mind - stay away! ;)

Thanks for the tag - I'll try to get some good and juicy nuggets brewing to share soon. ;)