Tuesday, February 3, 2009

me, emotional? no way!

Hehe...I just realized after I posted about how I am always so calm and collected in my posts that even friends and neighbors were commenting on my fertile rant the other day that I then post my emotional breakdown yesterday. Oh well...all is finally well.

Your comments made me feel much better and I will send this one comment out to Rebecca, lol, I did call the emergency nurse to ask if the office was open for their Monday night PCOS support group this week so I could go in and actually pick up this form and fax it myself. She said no, the office is closed. I just love that you had the nurse go back to the office at CCRM! (so completely impressed, you have no idea! I always start that way and then peter out to disappointment and let it go).

In any event, CCRM came through for me. They were really surprisingly wonderful yesterday with getting back to me throughout all of this mess. Finally at about 3:45 their time (5:45 here), they said that they didn't receive it but heard that I illegally obtained my progesterone levels...so I told them it was 10.2 and they said that they aren't supposed to do anything without a hard copy of the results, but I should probably start the lupron and dexamethasone last night. They then told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to get that fax to them the absolute first thing in the morning. So, I started....whew. I was so nervous b/c I am so used to my fertility center here...I mean they are so layed back (so much so that when I ran out of menopur one cycle they told me to stop it mid-cycle but continued the cycle anyway...um, I went from 14 eggs to 3!) that it appears they just don't care...so I expect CCRM to be the absolute opposite of that. I was so afraid I'd be cancelled (of course, I do know I still can be if there is a cyst, etc. but because of a stupid fax?).


Jill M. said...

Yeah!!! So glad you get to start! Are you hanging on tight? Sorry you had to go through so much crap, I hope this is the worst you have to deal with and that the rest of your cycle will go smooth as butter. =)

Sky said...

Sue, I'm so glad things worked out (but I'm not surprised). Just become a PEST to CNY - start calling those yahoos 2 hours after a blood draw or ultrasound and ask them when they'll be faxing results over. You don't need this kind of crap!

Thanks for stopping by to comment. Yes, you're right, the complete lack of donor requirements was a strategy on my part to minimize the ridiculous wait time and now I wonder if that just made it easier to pass me over (over and over again) because so many donors fit my criteria that they could give me the "leftover" donor who fits no one else's criteria. May have been an awful strategy.

And yes, I can relate to feeling like a bother with CCRM. I rarely email (never call - that seems useless as no one picks up the line) and when it takes them hours to reply, it really bothers me - especially to be put into the position of having to write them again and feeling like a pain in the a**.

It feels like whether you pay top dollar or basement discount, SERVICE is one thing that is universally weak. I really hope this expensive pursuit pays off for both of us where it appears to count greatest - in the end! :)

PS: I love your idea about a waiting list I should be able to go back to and ask them, "hmm..how much longer now?" but the nurse just smiles and gives me the "not that much longer." SO FRUSTRATING!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

YEA that you get to start! And um, shouldn't an infertility clinic be the least type of people to be laid back. People are shelling out tons of money for their help- I am always surprised at how poor their customer service is! Glad you got the green light!

MamaSoon said...

Hey dear, check out Rebecca's comment on my blog just now. thought you'd be interested.

Lost in Space said...

So glad you got it all worked out and were able to start on time anyway. I hope you chewed some ass at your old clinic for all the headache. Faxing results should not be the hard part of this process, huh?

Good luck on getting started!!

MamaSoon said...

I know! It is shocking!
My nurse is helen. Thanks for everything.

Feeling less emotional again?

Did you see that jencat had her baby boy?

Angie said...

Yay! Glad to hear everything worked out for you! (sorry, i'm late...i've been away for a few days!)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad everything worked out for you!! YAY! I am sorry I am late on commenting. You are such a great friend and deserve all the best with your upcoming cycle. And the fact that you have not had a drink ...in how many weeks....is amazing! Ha! I had to say that. Hope yoga is treating you right. Sunday night I took a great class. It totally relaxed me. So when do you think your ER will be?

Linda said...

Please pardon me for the delay in my commenting. I don't understand how you illegally obtained your progesterone levels? I've called my hometown lab to make sure that they've FAXed the results over to CCRM. And while I have the lab person on the phone, I ask what my hormone level was. Was that illegal? But anyway... I'm glad that it all worked out. :)