Wednesday, February 18, 2009

As I suspected...

I have a "bunch" of follies! Its funny - the request sheet from CCRM even said explicitly "count and measure all follicles". So, she counted and measured 3 follicles on my left (oh and left the other 6-7, that I caught, that were the same size as the ones she measured out), and then measured 2 on the right side (where I caught about 8 or 9 of the same size). So, I said, "are they too big already?" and she said "no they are great - a good size for day 4. Well, Sue, you really have a BUNCH of follicles. You are doing good". Okay, um, thanks, but HOW MANY? (I counted 17, really quickly, rough estimate) Argh. Like I said, I'll wait for Friday at CCRM.

On a good note- no weird fuzzy masses blocking the left ovary and no evidence of anything weird or extraneous in there. I'll still wait for CCRM's report, but maybe DH was right? lol.

I am mostly packed. I'm going to run around today and do some last minute stuff, clean, make sure I have everything and then head over to the airport around 4 or so. Oh, I hate this part! Even worse, my flight doesn't get in until 11:30 CO time (which is 1:30 AM for me) and I've been noticing myself getting really really tired, cranky, and out-of-it by 9 pm. Its going to be fun to get my rental car and make it to the hotel tonight!


momsoon said...

arrgghhh-laziness!! Oh well, think of the nice surprise waiting for you when you actually do get a count!!!
keep us posted, we are rooting for you!!!

Anonymous said...

A BUNCH is good, but a solid number would have been better, it sounds great though. Good luck!

Nikki said...

Yay for a BUNCH of follies! Safe travels to CO!

I'll email you next week - maybe we'll meet up!!

Good luck and hugs!

MamaSoon said...

Ummmmm, are you sure you can get the rental? THey often close at 8pm. Just checking.

So glad you have loads of follies in there.

kayjay said...

Well it looks like things are coming along even if you couldn't prod the woman into giving you more information. I hope you have a very uneventful flight tonight and that you make it to your hotel safe and sound.