Sunday, February 15, 2009


The suppression check yesterday went pretty well. The nurse had a hard time finding my left ovary - she was pointing the wand at a fuzzy mass and thinking it was my ovary. I was like, that doesn't look like my ovary. She said, "it doesn't? hmm....". Then she found my ovary behind that dark fuzzy mass. She didn't seem too concerned about it - it wasn't the fibroid b/c it was nowhere near my uterus but it also wasn't attached to my ovary (or so it seemed). I asked if the mass could have been an endometioma and she said it could have...(the nurses at CCRM said I might have a small endometrioma near that ovary in the past). Well, this didn't look small, but if no one else is overly worried about it...I guess I'll just wait until we get to CO and have them look at it on their better u/s machines. What do I know? DH was like, you know how they say that your bowels really travel around the ovaries a lot- well, maybe that was poop? Lol....hey, maybe it was!

Anyway, I am fully suppressed. I had a bunch of antral follies but they don't count them at my old RE's office, so I have no idea what to expect this cycle. I got the call yesterday that I can start stims ASAP, but decided to do my first shot this morning. So, I started saizen and menopur. But I freaked out yesterday because noone has told me what to do with my lupron. Last cycle I cut down from 10 units to 5 around the time I started stims. This isn't on my schedule, nor has anyone told me to do anything. So I called the nurseline at 11 o'clock yesterday morning. No reply. I called back at about 4 NY time, never got the call back. So I stayed on the 10 units. I called again this morning and went through the phone service, who said a nurse would call me. I dug around in the office and finally found last cycle's chart and it said I cut down to 5 units the day I start stims. Well, finally a nurse called me back and said that Dr. Sch has been keeping all of his patients on 10 units now for the whole cycle. I said OK but I am a paitent of Dr. G....she goes "oh, um, okay, well then that does make a difference. You should probably cut down to 5 then today.... Good luck. Bye". Um, eeek. So, since we did it last time and I did alright and we seem to be doing the same thing, I'm just gonna cut down to 5. I'd hate to be oversuppressed. But, this wasn't the most confidence building conversation. What do you guys think?

Our Valentine's Day was nice. It was quiet and unlike most others we've ever had just because I had really bad AF cramps and am a cranky lupron-crazed individual lately. But, we took it easy, had a beautiful dinner that I cooked at home (lobster tails, asparagus, potatoes and flourless choc cake with chocolate mousse), watched a movie, and just enjoyed each other's company. I can't wait until we are past this stage in our lives though...over dinner, we were talking about when we first lived together in Milton, WA when he returned from Iraq and we first got our puppy, Harley. We were laughing and then got reminiscent and Brett called it our "innocence". It was so true. It made me think of our wedding pics, where we look young (even though it was only 3 years ago), light, and just full of smiles....and I miss that "us". I asked him when he thought we'd ever be able to get that back (or even if we would) and he said after our first child is born - and, of course, I had to say - or we've decided that we are done with this because we've had too many failures and have decided to be DINKs (double income no kids) and move to a fun city where there are other DINKS to enjoy life with and go on vacations with. His response was: yup, or that. I guess we'll see.

In the meantime. I got my flight for Wednesday night (leave here at 6, get there around 11:30 PM). I did a hotel/car deal on hotwire and saved a really good amount of we are set to go. I really hope we get lots of good eggs, make beautiful embryos, who are tested to be normal, and, finally, months from now, have a successful transfer.


Sky said...

Well, I did have to laugh 'cause sometimes I think insane, unnerving conversations with nurses happen only to me!

I know exactly how it feels to go to the premier fertility clinic in the U.S. (perhaps the world), pay top dollar and have a nurse give me an instruction that she seemed to pull straight out of her behind. You just have to laugh about it sometimes.

But, truly, very excited for you to be yet another CCRM success story!

Anonymous said...

I think you made the right decision to go down to 5mgs. If you are the slightest bit nervous call back tomorrow. I am so excited that you are all booked and ready to go. My fingers are crossed hun. I hope you get lots of eggies. I am a low responder so testing is not really an option for me (at this point). I too can't wait for you to be ANOTHER success from CCRM!! By the way I loved your yoga pics on FB!

Jill M. said...

Yikes, I would be really frustrated with the lack of clarity on how much lupron to take. Since when are the doctors doing diff protocols? I wonder what Sch's reason for leaving lupron at full dose once starting stims is all about? I'm curious now, so ask them if you get a chance.

I have a Harley too, but it's a cat, and well he's no longer with us.

I've never heard of DINKs, that's funny. I guess I'm a DINK. I wish I had fun with our double income instead of spending every penny of it on failed IVFs. Ugh

Congrats on passing suppression! I really hope that mass is nothing, keep us posted. Best of luck to you and let us know your opinion on the Saizen.

Lost in Space said...

Ughhh on the nurse call back. I did have some frustrations with this too while we were there cycling. My primary nurse was wonderful, but when she was off it was just a bunch of confusion and frustration. I think dropping to 5 was the right thing to do, but would probably call again just to be sure.

I'm glad the suppression went well and you are ready to go. I cringed about your nurse saying "it doesn't?" in regards to your ovary. She really should know this stuff by now, right? Didn't you just want to grab the dildocam and say, "Here, let me."

All my best for your cycle, Sue!! Have a safe trip and let us know what they say about the dark fuzzy mass......

Kris said...

I have been lurking on your thread for some time now.

I am so glas that your suppression went well. Sorry that you did not get very good instruction from the nurse. The other day I called CCRM to ask a couple of questions and the nurse answered them. A couple of days later I located a study online withe Dr Sch and Surrey contributed to and they said the exact opposite of what the nurse had told me. UGH!!

Could you maybe call your RE tomorrow and ask to schedule a regroup to get some of your questions answered?

GL to you!

DAVs said...

Ugh I hate that you had confusion from the nurses, that is frustrating!

Your V-day dinner sounds so delish, especially the chocolate parts!

NOT that I want this cycle to be anything but a stellar success for you, but we might be heading down the DINKs road too, moving far away to some place fun--we could do it together! :) Anyway, scratch that because this is GOING TO WORK!

MamaSoon said...

Ugh. contacting cc r m on the weekend is taking your life into your own hands apparently. i like my new nurses but no responses on the weekend as of now. sigh. i am glad you are on your way! I wish we were out there together. did you see jen's response on the thread?

momsoon said...

I love that our stories/experiences are so similar (clueless nurses) and I hate that our stories are so similar because I can't believe anyone else has to endure what we go through!!!!

I am part of team "good egg", you (like us), have been through alot and yet I can see your happy ending right around the corner...

momsoon said...
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Donna said...


Glad to see you've started the next cycle. I hope this one is it!

Do you know much about saizen and who would be a candidate for this drug?


Donna said...

BTW, my email is :)

Retro Girl said...

Yup - I understand the frustration on CCRM poor communication practices sometimes...I guess we just don't expect it from "the place".

Glad you had such a yummy Valentine's Day dinner. Best of luck on the upcoming cycle!

kayjay said...

MMmmmmm. That dinner sounded dee-lish! I'm glad you got a chance to celebrate even with everything going on.

Well it's a good thing they have that the nurse's line is so well staffed so you can get in touch with someone if you really need to (heavy sarcasm). That's terrible that no one returned your call and that you had to make a decision about how much to take on your own. I would have waited until the nurses went off and then had a doctor paged and explain that a nurse did not return your two calls! Unacceptable! Glad you got it sorted out in the end.

(as an aside, I laughed about your DH's comment on what the "mass" could have been infront of your ovary!)

JJ said...

I hate that feeling too when you think someone is making it up as they go along. It just makes us feel as though it's all one big roundabout of trial and error. Ugh.

Mmm, that lobster sounds gorgeous. You've inspired me to try making one, I've never tried it although I love cooking and baking. Us Brits don't get as much lobster exposure....

Wow, I'm so excited for you. You're finally going over to Denver. I'll be following your progress. Good luck, hon.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Wow. I can't believe you are leaving Wed. already. Sending positive thoughts your way (it can't hurt to start early)- hoping for lots of great eggs!