Thursday, February 5, 2009

Money doesn't grow on trees

Well, we got the big $21 K bill today from CCRM. We are seriously depleting our resources for this one, which completely freaks me out - particularly because of the crazy economy lately. But, we've made a budget and can definitely do this...but it will be our last OOP expense for fertility...probably until transfer time. I just wish insurance did something. It said it would, but then came back rejected requiring us to do ANOTHER year of IUI's before allowing us to move forward with treatment. At this time, it isn't worth fighting this battle since they were only going to cover about $2K of the $21K anyway...but, if we need something more in the future, I will not hesitate to argue, is not one whole year of IVF even better at proving we have a problem?

In the meantime, I am dealing with the lupron and dexamethasone. The dex is greatly helping with the recent lower backache (which I have now concluded is in fact from snow shoveling, not from the fibroid), but is kind of keeping me up a little at night. The lupron is making me an emotional wreck with a bad headache. So, really, a cranky emotional wreck. Such is life. Last night, right before I gave myself the shot, Brett told me he loved me, gave me a kiss, and said goodbye to his favorite wife (b/c about 20 minutes after the shot I turn into Mr. Hyde or a.k.a Brett's least favorite wife). At least he acknowledges it is the meds and not my own craziness, right?

I am now ready to get this started. I am expecting AF this weeked, but I'll bet she'll be a few days late because of the lupron. So, my original leave for CO date of Feb 17th is likely to be pushed off a few no reservations as of yet. I think I am going to transfer some old flights that we cancelled when I was pregnant and do a priceline thing for the hotel and car. We really need to keep this trip cheap. Brett won't be joining me until a day or two before ER and, God fobid, if he can't (there are some crazy things going on at work for him during this time), then my mom will fly out to assist (which is so cool of her). I guess this ER is less emotional for me b/c we aren't anticipating a transfer so I'm just looking at it as a quick medical procedure for which I need someone to drive me to and either will do. In the meantime, I am amassing a ton of little cheap paperbacks to keep me entertained in the hotel room since I can't afford to do much in Denver this time...but it will still be a nice little vaca...and I'll be sure to blog a lot:-)


Sky said...

Gulp on the bill from CCRM. If it makes you feel any better, my bill will be 30K (AFTER the $2,500 deposit they already have from me). So I hear ya on the money. We become so focused on the budget and the med schedule and making sure we do everything perfectly.

One thing is certain - your child can never utter angry words like "you never wanted me!"

Hope the induced hormone madness goes more smoothly and that you enjoy Denver - even if it's just hanging out in the room, reading some novels and focusing on something great to come.

DAVs said...

I hear thee on the money! That part of it gets to me more than a lot of it, and I guess I just need to let it go. So hard sometimes!

Sorry about the crazy hormone stuff--that was pretty funny what your DH said :) Hang in there!

kayjay said...

No matter how much you budget and prepare yourself for the bill, when it actually arrives it never fails to make me catch my breath. Since we will likely be in Denver at the same time and I am also looking to do this on the cheap, if you need anything let me know as I will be in for my suppression check Feb 24th and then free as a bird for 3 days afterwards. Let's see how our schedules line up okay? Hang in there with the Lupron - I also have a Lupron alter ego that I named "Wilhamena" after the character from the show Ugly Betty. My DH makes himself scarce when I say it's Willie and not me :)

kayjay said...

P.S. I will have multiple seasons of Friends on DVD as well as all of the seasons of the Gilmore Girls to keep me entertained!

Lost in Space said...

I feel you on that bill. We paid for it in December to get all 3 IVF cycles in 2008 for tax write off. It really is insane.

I had to call the nurse line last night and felt bad until my hubby reminded me what we are paying them for this.

We refer to Lupron as the devil's drug....evil, evil stuff. I will be thinking of you as you get started with everything. We have found a few great "free" things to do while here so drop me a line if you are interested.

JJ said...

Yikes. I'm with you there. The money is what usually pushes me over the edge I've been teetering on. It's insane. It's nice to get the whopping tax refund but even that drives home how much was spent on this. I hope you won't be lonely in Denver on your own! I'll be following your blog all the way.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes take it for granted that IVF is covered in Massachusetts. I am sorry about the costs but definitely believe it is worth every penny! I did lupron once for 19 days I think during my 1st cycle and I was a hot mess. Headaches, couldn't sleep, hot flashes, moody, emotional, name it. I commend you sistah! I have almost gone 2 years avoiding it...but as you saw from my last post...I might be making up for lost time. Hang in there sweets!!! If you ever need to bitch or vent..I am here!

Linda said...

You're preaching to the choir sista! lol It just doesn't seem right that IVF isn't covered under insurance. We've been 100% OOP since we started, and it just stresses us out every month that we're still making payments on our 1st IVF.

You are one brave lady for giving yourself shots. And I hope AF comes knockin' on your door on time! We will arrive in Denver on Valentine's Day for the ET on the 16th. We're going to stay a few extra days, so we'll probably be in Denver at the same time! You've been through so much already and I hope that it works out for you! :)