Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update on the P4 debate

I just talked to my nurse at CCRM. She told me that my levels are so high that most of the REs at CCRM would already start weaning me off the meds this week. For some reason, Dr. G is much more conservative. I was like "THANK GOD!". Anyway, it seems that my levels are very high...CCRM looks for an E2 of 300, mine is 1,364. They look for a P4 of 20 and mine is ">40". She said that in order for them to be concerned about my P4 levels causing a problem, it would have to go well below 20 and that is unlikely because it is clearly higher than 40 and we are just cutting it in half. I tend to agree, I mean, it sounded reasonable, but it still freaks me out. She even said that skipping the shot on Sat the 15th, taking it on the 16th and then getting the b/w done on the 17th should not be enough time to cause any problems at all. If they see it went lower they will tell me to start shots again right away. So, I am inclined to trust them. Oh, I so hope I have a healthy viable baby in there! This wait is just killing me. Oh, and what the heck kind of RE has a machine that doesn't measure more than a level of 40 progesterone? No comment.


Lisa said...

Oh Sue!! That's so amazing!! I know it's scary but it sounds fine to go off of. Those levels are FANTASTIC!!! I'm still pulling for twins :) I bet you can hardly WAIT to find out. The suspense must be killing you!!

MamaSoon said...

WOW! That is soooo encouraging. So happy for you.