Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stuck with old RE

Oh well, I spoke to my OB and they are unwilling to monitor this pregnancy until week 10. How weird is that? CCRM would like me to move over to the OB in week 8 but I am stuck. I'm kind of beyond annoyed by this (probably more than I should be). I mean, the OB nurse was nice and happy for me but said that they'd love to be my doctor but they wouldn't get me in until week 10 b/c there is nothing to do? Um, if I was a non-IVFer, I'm pretty sure I'd have had a bunch of appointments by now...weird. Oh well, I am stuck with the old RE. FUN.

On a good note, the nurse at my OB's appointment said that they aren't one of those offices that consider all IVFers to be "high risk" and therefore require C-sections. The thought of that just makes me so angry. When I asked her this question, she was shocked that people do that and said she'd be angry at that too! I was like, THANK YOU!!! So, I become a normal pregnant woman (I mean, within reasonable limits, lol) on December 11th!!!


MamaSoon said...

Normal, huh? You sure? Just kidding. :-) Well maybe old RE can give you a going away scan during week 8.

Linda said...

I can see how it can get annoying about not getting in to see the OB until week 10. I don't know what I would do in your shoes (if I can ever get a bfp first). But you can take it as a good sign, that you don't need to see them as soon, looks like your little bean is growing along nicely. :)

rpnp said...

actually it's pretty normal to not see an OB prior to week 10; with mine I saw them super early only because we (mistakenly) thought we were much much further along (my GP thought I was at 12 weeks due to my irregular periods). so no, you're totally good. just keep visualising your cute little booger growing away inside you.