Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Holidays are here!!!

We are pretty excited for the holidays this year. Can't help it. This pregnancy is progressing nicely so far and each day that goes by, we get more and more confident and more and more excited. I know things can always go wrong, especially so early, but it just isn't worth worrying about. So, we jumped on the opportunity to decorate the house yesterday. Since we live in Central New York, we get a lot of snow - some of it regional weather and some of it Lake Effect snow. Well, the last few days have been relatively warm so that all the snow from last weekend began to melt off of the roof and the yard. We decided to jump on that opportunity and start decorating the house. Brett decided that we'd go all out this year and do even the top tier roof. I thought he was crazy, but here he is putting them up.

And, here is the finished result...I can tell you honestly, it looks much better in person.

We had a great Thanksgiving at our neighbor's house with her wonderful family. I'm not always the hugest fan of turkey but it was really yummy. Unfortunately, I still get morning sickness at night so after the dinner, we left a little early and skipped dessert, and I was in bed by 8 pm. Well, the little bugger is taking lots of my energy!

We've been avoiding the stores so far this week, but I have to run out for a few things this morning. Brett is just itching to start painting the nursery. He's been lost without a home project to work on and this is one heck of an exciting home project. So, we may hit Lowe's on the way home. We already ordered paint from Mythic Paint and had it shipped to the house (free shipping!). I like to help paint and would be too worried about all the chemicals but this stuff has no health warnings at all associated with it, no VOC's, etc and has really high reviews for coverage and stuff. Before you guys think we are jumping the gun, you need to understand that the room in question is the one room in the house we haven't touched since we moved in almost 2 years ago. It is currently painted dark blue-gray with 2 of the walls being bright kelly green, there are weird stains and marks all over the walls, etc. So, we've been looking for an excuse to paint but have been holding off for all this time b/c it was supposed to be our baby's room! At least we haven't bought furniture yet!!!


Linda said...

I, too, have a room in our house that is untouched - and we've been living in our house for 12 years. That room has always been reserved for the baby. But as you know, there's no least not yet, hopefully soon!

Your DH must be like mine. Jerry has been itching to go all out in decorating. If he had his wish, he'd have our house like the Griswalds in 'Christmas Vacation.'

Enjoy your pregnancy. And everytime you get nauseous, think of me, as that has been my dream (not to get nauseous but the reason behind the nausea) forever. :)

Jill said...

I have visions of Clark Griswld in my head (lol). Congrats for having nausea and fatigue. I hope to be so lucky very soon!

Have fun with picking out some paint colors!!

MamaSoon said...

Wow that is a lot of work! Looks great.

Lisa said...

So glad you are able to enjoy the holidays this year and get into the spirit!! Enjoy every single second. You deserve it!!a

amy said...

am soooooo happy for the two of you. Can't wait to be an Aunt.

PS: Ummmm, Can you tell my brother to never get on top of the roof like that again!!! The picture scared the hell out of me. Every October and December the hospital is full of traumatic brain injury patients from people trying to hang lights.
It does look nice though.