Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The booger?

So, when most of us who do IVF get to this point we end up with cute little names for that little baby that we finally get to see as a tiny little dot on the ultrasound. In my due date group there is already a peanut, a bean, a cashew and a tater. Well, we now have our own. Yesterday, Brett comes into the family room and says, "how is the little booger doing?"...I was like, "huh?". Well, he goes on to explain. We can't call it the bean anymore because last year we had an ectopic and before we knew it was ectopic, we were praying for "the bean" and chanting, "Grow, bean, grow" because the betas were so low. Well, that didn't turn out so well, obviously. So, then, we'd be inclined to call our little baby the "peanut". However, we call our smaller-than-usual boxer female, Harley, the "peanut" because she is just so cute and petite and she knows this as one of her names....so Brett thought more about it and started calling our little baby the "booger", which still concerned me until he started laughing when I asked him why "booger" and he said, "because they stick"!!!! lol...so it is the booger because I really want this baby to stick! Oh, the poor thing, off to a rough start, lol...

On another note, I am cutting down my progesterone shots again...freaking out...! My progesterone was still >40 yesterday even though I cut it down to every other day. However, my estrogen fell from 1,300 to 800. So, I am staying on one estrogen patch and going in on Thursday and Monday for more bloodtests to see how I do. I am cutting down the PIO to .5ml every other day and re-checking it on Thursday. Hopefully it will never go <40, even after I stop the shots b/c that makes me so nervous!

I get to call the OB today and see when they will allow me to transition over from the RE. I can't wait! I hope they are willing to transition me at 8 weeks and I can only stay with the RE until I wean off all the meds...otherwise I have to wait until week 10...should I beg? I mean, the nurses at my old RE's were great. They let us actually HEAR the baby yesterday and Brett and I got lots of hugs and well-wishes, it was great. However, I am not a huge fan of the RE himself and hate that I might bump into him...so I'd rather just move on...


MamaSoon said...

Those nurses sound great. It is funny how good nurses can make a huge difference in the experience.

The booger, very funny!

So can you share with me why you are on estrogen? What does that do? Haver you always taken estrogen after a transfer?

Lisa said...

He he

That's PRICELESS!! lol

The booger. And so true -- they DO stick!!

That really is too funny :)

Sue said...

Josee -CCRM put me on estrogen patches. Not sure why. I've always taken estrogen in some form or other. In the past it was estrace pills 3x a day from after transfer. I'm sure you will be on it now too!!!