Friday, November 14, 2008

Gray hairs???

One of the things that I didn't think too much about before we got pregnant was dying my hair. I forgot that I had an appointment all set up last week to cut and color. I've read repeatedly that hair color is probably safe for pregnancy. um....that isn't enough for me, so I decided my hair didn't look too terrible and I would skip the color this time. I'm glad I made that decision because a few days ago I received a letter from CCRM saying "congratulations on your pregnancy, here are some things to color...". Whew. Well, that's all great...but, um, my grays are showing. I already decided that after the first trimester I can do a rinse to "blend" my color. It uses all natural vegetable dyes and is perfectly safe, but again, afraid to do anything right now. So, here I sit, stressing out, getting chubby (happily, though, this is not a complaint), and going gray (not so happy, but definitely willing to put up with it). I just had to share. Oh- they also said to avoid mani/pedi's (not that I do these too often but have considered to reduce stress/make me feel pretty this week- Lord knows I need to feel pretty!). Guess they worry about infection. Jeez, I'm just gonna be a big disaster!

Besides that, still waiting. On checking up with some of my fellow IF bloggers, there has been some wonderful success stories this week and also alot of pain. I know how hard this journey is. I know that very little of the pain comes from the physical side (though we've seen this week too that the physical ouchiness is nothing to belittle), but is almost entirely and unbearably emotional. My heart just aches for all that we each go through. Stay strong. Look forward to things again....and love each other (and don't forget to spoil the furbabies).


MamaSoon said...

well here is to gray hairs and swelling bellies!

Why not mani/pedis? Do you know? I've love to know.

Lisa said...

That's too funny. I too have noticed grey hairs because I stopped dying my hair for the last 8 months to try to help with IVF. I've been doing anything to keep my body natural and free of toxins. And I know exactly what you mean about the grey hair!

but hey -- you are pregnant! and that's the main thing :)

Thanks for all the support this week Sue. I'm feeling much better and praying for a success story like yours!