Monday, November 24, 2008

Fuzzy Pic

So, the little booger is getting bigger! We had our second u/s today and all is well with our little guy! The baby is growing nicely, the heartbeat was super fast and strong, and we are on track. However, that thing they thought was another sac last week turned out to be a bleed. The nurse called it a "separation" which completely freaked me out. So as soon as I got home I called CCRM to discuss. The nurse said that they are really really common with IVF and that my particular one (from last week's u/s) is very small. What it is (and you can see it to the left and below the baby) is that a bleed sometimes starts where the placenta is attached. That bleed then drips down to the bottom of the uterus and pools down there. That is it. What this means for me is that I have to continue to take it really really easy (sorry, hun, that means you still have to lift everything for me and even vacuum) and hope that my body reabsorbs it. If not, I may bleed a little bit. They said that spotting is fine but if I bleed a lot and very red, then I am on strict bedrest until it is resolved. Supposedly it is usually resolved by week 12 (aka, Christmas Day)!

However, we got to see a head, and arms and legs (tiny, you know, but still visible!). Of course the nurse tried to get both the blood and the baby in one image so both are fuzzy instead of just getting me the perfect shot I wanted of our little baby! So, apologies for the fuzzy baby pic! Just know that he or she looks perfect!

So, so far so good. Of course, this is not without stress, but I am so thankful. On a light note, Brett and I were talking yesterday about our plans for the holidays and we may have family coming after Christmas, which is great. I was laughing b/c I am getting so -ahem- "round" that I am not fitting my clothes (lack of exercise, only able to eat carbs b/c of nausea). I said something derogatory about myself and a particular barn animal. So Brett said that he'd get me a bunch of big sweaters in a black and white spotted pattern. I had to laugh and say, "you know, in the past, people might have thought I was going for the dalmation look, but now I'd be more cow". For some reason, he couldn't stop laughing.


MamaSoon said...


And cows are good milk producers. :-)

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Such a cute baby. Yes, I can say that! Rest, take care of yourself, and I hope everything resolves soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lisa said...

Oh my god, it all happens so fast! I can't beleive what you can already see. The little booger is really growing fast :) It must feel so real now. And such a relief to know that the heart beat is nice and strong.

I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever. I know how thankful you will be this year!

DAVs said...

Wow, what an awesome Thanksgiving you will be having this year! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!