Monday, November 10, 2008


Can you believe I've been nauseous for the last week straight? I still think this is too early for morning sickness, but apparently not! I'm actually going to assume this is because my own hormones seem pretty high right now and I'm still on the daily PIO shot and vivelle patches. I think my body doesn't quite no how to process all of those hormones! In any event, it makes me really happy - if I ever start to feel better, I get nervous. In fact, Brett is a rock and he was getting nervous because I was too hot last night. I'm never too hot. In his experience, I'm only too hot when I'm taking the PIO and I'm not pregnant. So, he was a little nervous this morning, mumbling something about how he doesn't like the hot flashes and night sweats thing. I had to explain to him that it is just a symptom of too much progesterone. It may even be a good thing. So, I'm not the only high strung and crazy one in the house!!!!

But, for those of you who love to hear about symptoms, my bbs are ridiculously sore right now (sleeping with a jogbra on), I get dizzy a lot (glad I'm not teaching yoga again just yet), and if I don't eat for a few hours my stomach really hurts. I also have weird and ouchy digestive stuff going on as well as some ovary pains. I think that sums it up. This is unusual for me because though I know the supplemental meds can cause some of these, I've never experienced them before to this extent. So, I will continue to take that as a good sign.

We've been not-so-patiently waiting...and cancelling trips. Brett and I were supposed to be going to Las Vegas this weekend for some convention that he had to go to for work. As a result, work was paying for a beautiful hotel room and Brett's flight. Several friends from Brett's work were bringing their significant others and the spouses were planning to hang out and have fun while the employees went to their conference. Well, CCRM doesn't like traveling during the first trimester, and I am absolutely unwilling to argue with them, so I had to cancel. Then the ultrasound was scheduled for 11/17 and Brett had to cancel too. Now, we are in the middle of considering canceling all of our holiday plans. We both live far from our families and have to travel and I won't really be released to travel until looks like we will have quiet at-home holidays this year. It doesn't seem reasonable for everyone else to travel...but, I can't complain AT ALL. I couldn't come up with a better reason to adjust know?

Anyway, I am still cautious to make all these adjustments so am not cancelling all engagements likely to be affected by this YET. I am obsessing about heartbeats and wondering if everything is still okay in there. Also thinking about all the couples who are heading out on the same journey I just completed with a lot of hope and excitement. I want every single one of you to get your strong BFPs. I check up on every one of you daily!!!


DAVs said...

I'm glad you're having symptoms, even if they aren't exactly *fun*!
A nice quiet holiday at home--just you and your little family--could be quite nice. Can't argue with the experts!

Linda said...

Yes, I second what davs said: I'm so glad that you're having symptoms! :) Take it easy and enjoy the holidays! Ya'll deserve it!

Christi said...

Hey Sue! I am guessing you are yogagrl? I have to get straight who is who on ivfconn and match w their blogs. I am KRS2008, totally random name, no rhyme or reason. Thanks for your congrats! :)

DonnaPetit said...

Sore boobs, yippee!!! That was how I knew I was pregnant with Dave. Enjoy your symptoms, you've waited so long for them. You and Brett are more than welcome at my table for the holidays, it'll be fun!

MamaSoon said...

Being sick to your stomach sucks but I guess baby wants to remind you who's boss now. LOL. Sounds like quiet holidays for the 3 of you, huh?

Lisa said...

YAY for symptoms! But I do hope they go away soon so you can enjoy this long awaiting and much deserved pregnancy. I am praying all goes well with the upcoming ultrasound so you can finally relax and let this wonderful news really really sink in. Plus, I can't wait to find out how many!!