Thursday, April 30, 2009

The big.gest

Doing that thing where you add periods in between things so that people don't accidentally search our your blog cracks me up! But, I did it anyway. I'd hate for some poor individual searching for info about the show (which I love- but annoys the crap out of me), to end up accidentally on my site. In any event, I took a look at those pics of Sherman wrestling with the sprinkler and determined them unfit to print. I'm not the best photographer and they came out very blurry - but next time, I'll do a video! I always forget about that neat little digital camera feature. So, here is Sherman's first video - of him working out. Storyline: A few weeks ago Sherman indicated an interest in the treadmill every time I got off of it. So, Brett and I decided to put him on it and start it. It was a little rocky for about 5 minutes and then he was hooked. Now, whenever I finish up a run, he waits, then jumps on the treadmill, in the proper position and looks at me, looks at the tread (where it comes out of the front) and then looks at me again until I turn it on. He LOVES it. I turn it on for him, and go about doing other stuff (a little yoga maybe, or some laundry, etc). He happily stays on it. When I hear his nails clicking on the front of it, it means he is tired of it and I turn it off. So, here he is...too funny! Oh, and beware the basement mess- we are in the middle of remodeling and moved everything around and pulled the walls down, etc. So, though he needs to lose no weight (unlike his mommy) Sherman is now the biggest loser:-)

On the IF front - I talked to my nurse yesterday b/c I had concerns about the bi-yearly shut down at CCRM and how close my FET is to that. Last time I spoke with her, we estimated my AF for 31 days (b/c I'm usually at 26 but lupron always makes her late) and that put me for the FET on May 29, CCRM's last day before shut down is the 30th! She said if AF was even later, I wouldn't get in until June 16th!!! So, that freaked me out- what if my lining is too think then? She said it was possible. That little thought has festered. So, now that I am 3 days into lupron (and the delightful headaches that accompany it), I got really nervous about this shut down. My nurse laid my fears to rest (love her!). She said if I am just one day late, then we can proceed with the original date. If I am very late (which is unlikely), then they can fit me in on June 12 (we want to stay with Dr. G for transfer and he's only there on certain days). Since AF has NEVER been later than day 31, I am going to just plug along and see how it goes. At least I feel a little better. Still not completely comfortable but what can I do?

To answer a few questions posed to me in the comments. We are just transferring 2. That is all that is currently allowed for CGH normal embryos since the success rate is so high. They just don't want high order multiples so we had to sign the consent that we wouldn't transfer more than 2 a couple of months ago in order to proceed with CGH. In case one of them thaws poorly, we will throw in that no result embryo, otherwise that will be saved for possible future cycles, I think. I have had a lot of people on an online board try to convince me to do a single embryo transfer (eSET) since the success rates are so high and singletons are so much safer to carry. However, we decided a long time ago that we would do 2. I just have a horrible track record on one hand, on another hand I don't think we can afford another transfer soon so we have one shot for success. Finally, I'm not all that tiny (granted I weigh more now than ever before in my life) but I am typically around 5'6 and 130 lbs and am very healthy. Not that that means much, but I do hope it will help me carry twins if that is what happens.

I will start to post pics of the garden once we have planted. Last year we started way too soon and had a jungle in our spare room b/c the seedlings grew like weeds wayyyy too early. So, in the next few weeks, I will add my growing garden to the things I blog about!


Jill M. said...

I love the Biggest Loser! Sherman is hilarious!!! I've tried to get my obese cat to walk the treadmill but as soon as I put him on it, he turns into a tazmanian devil with all claws engaged.

I hear you on the stress of everything pending on AF! I'm right there with you. Then on top of it, you have to deal with the shutdown, ugh, super stressful! I hope AF comes on time for both of us!

JJ said...

That video is aboslutely hilarious! I love it.

Yep, I'm with you on transferring two. I got scared by all the eSet stuff on the boards but we just wanted to transfer both of ours. We even met with my OB/GYN to talk it all through before the transfer b/c he's the one that would have to deal with two if it came to that.

I hope AF is obedient and shows up on time!

kayjay said...

Come on AF!! Be on time for once!! Yes, the semi-annual shut downs do cause stress and I wish they were a non-issue but we ran right into the middle of this one as well. Sucks doesn't it? Sherman looks so cute on the tredmill - I think I may need to get one for my girl too...not that she needs to lose weight but she does have a lot of energy :). Can't wait to see your garden pictures too!

Blossom and Her Fruit said...

awwwwww Sherman!!! He looks so happy there.

You have my all freaked out about my period too and missing the transfer window. Fudge!! AF is late (day 34 now) and I thought I'd have her by now.

i'd go for 2 also. I have my fingers crossed for you! Aren't you expecting AF any day too?

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Can't tell you how many times I have watched Sherman's video! Love it! The husband loves it! He just needs some Rocky-themed music in the background. Or maybe instead of a news channel he would prefer to workout to Animal Planet or Food Network? LOVE IT! I wish I could Prince on a treadmill, but 1) we don't own one and 2) it might kill him. He sleeps 99% of the day and wobbles out every now and then.

Phoebe said...

My friend bought a treadmill just for her dog because she can't walk him as much as she used to after being hit by a car on her bike!

I didn't know CCRM had two shut down periods. I just thought they operated year round! I hope the timing works out. Yeah, a day or two late is not a big deal. That happened to me, and my lining still kicked ass.

Anonymous said...

My dog Rico has been known to take walk or two on the treadmill! I agree with you about transferring two and I hope that AF behaves herself.

Kris said...

Love the dog video! I hope that AF arrives on time for you. All of this is so stressful.

I would transfer two also. Especially with traveling to CCRM and the costs associated with it. I am really excited for you and can't wait to keep reading!

JBH said...

That little treadmill video is so funny! I wish we could get our cat to do that...she could stand to lose a few.

I'm really hoping that the timing with AF works out. The lab closings are always stressful. (As if you don't have enough to worry about already!)