Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gluten Free, Abdominal Massage and the FET

I am officially gluten free now. And, strangely, I feel better. It turns out that I did already know I had a sensitivity to gluten - found out a few years ago when I was turning 30 and subletting a small Vermont apartment while I studied for the bar (DH was stationed in Korea at the time). My mom gave me some low-carb cereal and I was sick for days. As soon as I stopped eating the cereal, I got better. The second ingredient was gluten. So, I've known. What I didn't know was that gluten insensitivity and celiac disease goes along with unexplained infertility, thyroid disorders, endometriosis, IBS, recurrent miscarriage and a number of other small indicators, ALL OF WHICH I HAVE. So, I decided to start cutting it down. And I feel better. Then I accidentally ate some the other day (in a veggie burger, who'd have thought to look?), and I was sick again with belly pain. So, I'm going to try totally gluten free for a while at least (hopefully a little over 9 months, lol). Its not easy. I love multigrain breads and, yes, cakes and cookies. But, if this will help me, I am all for it. I'm hoping it explains some of the infertility stuff. But, if not, at least I am being healthy. I know a lot of people will say that I should test for it before I make such a drastic change, but it isn't all that drastic. I don't eat many carbs anyway...and I'm supplementing my iron, folic acid, and vitamins by eating super-healthy and making sure I am eating foods rich in the nutrients that I am missing from gluten - including fiber. Also- testing requires A LOT of tests and you have to eat gluten the entire time so that your body is in reaction to it when they test and I don't want to wait another 6 months just to have them tell me that I am sensitive to it, or celiac, or whatever. All I know is that when I eat it I feel yucky and when I don't , I'm fine.

Besides that, I am going today for Mayan Abdominal Massage. I am just doing one session to see what it is about but I've heard great things about it from other women. Brett was suggesting I get a massage - he meant the conventional kind- which I never do (have had a massage 2x in my life- about as many times as I've had a professional pedicure, isn't that sad? lol) because I have been so stressed lately and my back has been hurting. But it occurred to me that (this is strange but my primary care doctor agreed with it) my IBS is actually causing pressure on the lower back which is what is causing pain. I also have a very tilted uterus. Since these are both things that can be helped by abdominal massage, I thought, sure, I'll get a massage. I wanted to ask Lisa (from The Wa.yward Stor.k) about it because she is the only other person I know who has done it (pre-successful IVF, I might add) but we all know she has literally disappeared off the face of the IF internet since her BFP. So, has anyone else done it? what did you think? I'll be sure to do a write-up tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've actually GONE to a few yoga classes lately. Even though I don't love the studio here, there really is something nice about going and having someone else teach. I get tired and in a rut with my own practice so it is nice to shake it up. Every time I do a "drop in" (they don't usually allow drop ins here but will do so if you are registered teacher) I end up in the pregnant teacher's class. She is now showing beautifully. She is having a girl, has a name picked out, etc. And I'm okay with it. Lol. I did alright. both times. Of course, I keep hoping I'll drop in on another teacher, but they don't list the teachers on the schedule so I always get her. oh well.

I also had to go to the dreaded babies r us the other day for a shower gift for my neighbor. She is the one I mentioned weeks ago that is having a little boy with spina bifida. This is the first time I've been in that store since the miscarraige - Brett and I were in there a few times when I was pregnant just to get excited and look at the things we will need. So, it was hard to go back in...but I did okay because I had a mission. We got some cute stuff for her and a little gift for another friend of mine. I did get a little teary because most of the time I don't think about the m/c at all...almost like it never happened. This is probably a defense mechanism on my part. So, going in there reminded me how excited we were and that I did have a life growing inside of me at one point. I still hope I will again.

I am still running a little. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing before a FET? During my first cycle at CCRM they said I can continue with whatever I ususally do until I start feeling bloated from the stims. I asked, even if I run a little? they said, sure. So I assume I am fine to keep running until transfer then, right? so long as it is in moderation? Oh -I have no idea. Does anyone have any suggestions? I just feel better when I exercise. I de-stress. I've also stopped any and all alcoholic beverages since this weekend (DH and I had to celebrate the 2 normals with a nice fire in the backyard pit and a bottle of champagne).

Finally- great book suggestions everyone! I've ordered a few from online discount book stores! The funny thing is that many of your suggestions I've already read but forgot to mention - the Eragon books, The Diana Gabaldon series, and Sophie Kinsella's - so you totally got what I was thinking:-) I just feel like I have enough of my own angst lately to enjoy reading someone else's!

(by the way, I am so freaking nervous about this FET- I mean, what if I do get pregnant and m/c again? this time with a normal embryo? then what? Its like I am terrified that my uterus is a black hole where anything that goes in, disappears or dies. or- what if it doesn't work? what the hell does that mean? What do we do then? I'm trying to not think about it- but I really am scared.)


Kris said...

Ok, so this is really corny, but I was watching the Apprentice on Sunday night and they were talking about gluten and celiac disease. I had never heard of celiac before this week and now I have heard it two times:) I am so glad you are feeling better.

I am going to be going to Abdominal Massage soon too. I have heard great things about it (mostly from Lisa too:)- where the heck did she go anyways...I sure miss her!). Please update on your blog after you go, I am excited to hear what you think of it.

I responded to your questions on my blog comments (under your comment).

Have a great day!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I have no information other than there is Mayan Abdominal Massage for when you get pregnant (the women in my family had a version of it done in their pregnancies), so I would think that doing it pre-pregnancy (I am thinking positive for you!) it may help too. And I never knew all that about gluten. Very interesting. I am sure you are feeling much better after cutting it out of your diet.

MamaSoon said...

I've gotten the Maya Abdomenal Massage twice (in the last 2 weeks). I am going again in a week or so. I heard about it from KayJay. She does those. I quite like it. It isn't all comfortable all the time but I like it.

kayjay said...

I have heard of the Mayan Abdominal Massage (from Lisa of Wayward Stork) and probably mentioned it to MamaSoon but I haven't been able to find anyone around me that offers it. So, I have yet to try it myself. However, have heard good things about it from people who have done it. I'm trying to be gluten/sugar/dairy free but it's HARD. I've been cheating a lot of late (i.e. every weekend) so I need to get back on the straight and narrow. I miss eating toast in the morning but I have discovered that a plain rice cake slathered with sugar free peanut butter with a nice thick layer of natural fruit spread with no added sugar helps me to feel like I'm eating toast - probably a textural thing as both are crunchy but it helps. I'm terrified of doing the FET too - even if we do get pregnant, I have suffered through non-doubling beta hell for a month so I would worry too about m/c again. I hope you make it in before the June shut down - if I do a FET now, I'm already booking June 12th at the earliest. Yikes!

Linda said...

Aw, hun. I can understand your feelings of being nervous and scared. It's the fear of the what if-s and the unknown that gets to me. But you have to trust that your uterus is more than adequate. After all, CCRM would not let you do a transfer unless everything is perfect. :) I'm looking forward to your FET and will be rooting you on all the way!

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a super long post and it got lost. So mad. Argghh! Anyway, congratulations on going gluten free. I am happy to hear you are feeling well already. I am anxiously awaiting my friday appointment with my GI to see if the blood tests confirm celiac disease. I hope not. I don't think I can give up a beer. Speaking of...did you ever find that article about stopping drinking prior to an IVF cycle?

I can't wait to hear all about your abdominal massage. Do you think that can help me? Where would I get one? This is honestly the first time I have heard about it.

As far as your fears of another miscarriage. I completely UNDERSTAND! I remember with my last FET...I POASed the whole time. But I was fearing that it was going to be a low beta/chemical. I kept saying I just hope it is a negative rather than another loss. Your job is to believe that this is your time. Its going to be impossible not to worry and think the worst. Just remember you are doing everything possible to become a mother. Look at all your strength and ambition. It is a honor to know you!

Duck said...

I did MAM 2 times and the first was really amazing and felt a big diff, the second time, a year and half later my uterus wasn't so bizzare, but I was also on llurpon.
good luck with fet.

DAVs said...

I'm sorry you have anxiety about the FET. I guess it's only natural to wonder: WHAT NEXT?? But just take it one step at a time. Let us hold onto all that hope for you.
As far as the running, I always ran right up until I was uncomfortable. Then again, I've never even made a blast, so why ask me?? :)

JBH said...

I'm very interested in hearing about the Mayan Ab Massage. My acupuncturist always massages my abdomen but I think it's just regular massage, plus special pressure on the chi energy points. Re: your going gluten free...Great idea and good luck with it! I think food allergies are responsible for a lot more than we think...

Lost in Space said...

I hope the gluten free diet keeps you feeling better!

LOL about the 2 lifetime massages and pedicures. You have doubled me on each. (-; I obviously have no good information for you.

I'm sorry the babies r us trip was so hard. Holding onto hope that you will get to be there shopping for your own little one so very soon....

Phoebe said...

Yay!! Another gluten free blogger!! Come on over and check out my Gluten Free Fridays. I post sporatically on it. I am completely gluten free. It gets easier after a while. Feel free to send me an e-mail about it at phoebephoenixtalesatgmaildotcom
I am gluten intolerant. I do not have the genes for celiac disease. I was off gluten so long when I did the testing, but I did do the genetic tests. Gluten affects me neurologically, and makes me depressed. You will get used to eating gluten free. I don't miss it anymore, except for pizza, but I can't have dairy either. Even my family likes my gluten free pasta and bread better than the regular stuff!

I have also done lots of Maya Abdominal Massage! I was lucky to take a class from Rosita Arvigo herself, but I actually learned the massage from one of her students. Rosita is awesome. Learn the self-care massage, and you won't have to go see someone for it. I did the self-care during my FET cycle. While it wasn't successful, my lining was great! You can always tell from your period how good your lining was. Of course, the meds helped.

Only had a pedicure once in my life, on my wedding day, LOL!

Hey, you have normal embryos and the pregnancy rate is 80% with that at CCRM. You'll do great, but I understand the trepidation. Hugs!

Jill M. said...

Wow, not sure what gluten is, but seems to have an evil effect on you. The mayan massage sounds interesting, definitely let us know what it's like.

I too feel like my uterus is a black hole, makes you wonder if anything is capable of surviving in there. But I'm feeling very hopeful for you that this FET with normals is your golden ticket. I hope your next trip to BRU is for you! Hugs!