Monday, April 27, 2009

Green Light

We are off! I went in to the old RE's office this morning for my progesterone blood test and just got the call - it is greater than 5 and I can start lupron tonight. Here we go. Of course, I hated going to the old RE's office again....that office just has too many memories- the last of which is us waiting for u/s's to hear our baby's heartbeat last fall. But, I do love the nurses who work there and the front office staff - they are great. Its fun too because I get the gossip on my crazy old RE since I used to work there and became a fixture basically between teaching the staff yoga and cycling myself. The RE has totally lost it - sometime last year he started really getting into alternative wellness and "The Secret" type of "positivity". Since then, it has been a rather swift decline into emailed "Intentions of the Day" being poetically written regarding the "wealth of the universe and how to receive its wealth" and other such things - emails that are sent to patients and other doctors, etc. He's a complete nut. I almost want to link to his new website but will save that...regardless to say it has a mind-body message and many video "intentions of the day" to spread his joyful message of positivity!

Okay, onward. We had a beautiful weekend here. I will have to upload some pictures of my dogs (make that dog (single)) playing with the sprinkler. My 80 lb male boxer can't stay away from anything water - the sprinkler is his nemesis. It sprays water but apparently doesn't want you to drink it, lol. So, he smashes his face into its very direct stream and tries to bite it -hysterical. Then he leaps up in the air to try to catch it up there (where it is less direct). The female boxer (aka, the smart one) stays out of the sprinkler's way and looks mortified that she even associates with the male. The pictures are funny.

We dug up our corner garden again. Last year we made a small garden and then overplanted it and were giving away tomatoes, spaghetti squash, zuchini, eggplant and beans all summer. This year, we made the garden bigger but will try to plant a little less. We'll see how that goes. Oh, and we planted cucumbers too last year but not one made it to our table - that sneaky female boxer would bite them off the vine and eat them before we had the chance! So, we also put up a fence!

So, that is it for me. I am excited, anxious, and reluctant to start this cycle. It is not our final cycle, it is nothing that significant at this point. It is just the next step. We'll see what happens and how it goes as it goes along. I have enjoyed being med-free and back to my usual easy going, fun-loving self but am willing to take one for the team and start up again (and my role is not nearly as bad as Brett's - remember- he has to live with me like that!). So, say good bye to this reasonable sounding blogger and tomorrow I will be back to crazy, on-the-edge, pumped up on meds and going through menopause "me". Well, hopefully it will take a few days longer than that, but you get the idea.

Oh, and though I was secretly hoping to get pregnant and then silently still travel to Mexico for my SIL's wedding (it is so early! and I know that nothing will keep in a baby that doesn't want to stay), it looks like I will not be going if I do get pregnant. This swine-flu thing is too much! If I do get pregnant and Brett even goes to the wedding, he may have to be in isolation for a week until I let him near me, lol. NO - I'm sure it will all be resolved by least I am praying it is.


Kris said...

Woohoo for the green light! I, too, loved being med-free for the past several months and now that I am doing my stims and pills I feel physically ill. I don't think my body is used to be on so many meds since I have been "drug-free" since November!!:)

I can't wait to hear how this cycle goes for you!

Jill M. said...

Can't wait to see pics of your boxer in the sprinkler, sounds hilarious.

So excited for you that you're gearing up for your FET!!!! Best of luck, I'll be following along.

JJ said...

Excellent that you're set to start Lupron and have an FET date! Woohoo! The time will fly by, if it's anything like mine (though of course now time has stopped for me, waiting for beta). The dogs sound hilarious!

Phoebe said...

I'd love a video of your dog fighting with the sprinkler.

Maybe no one will be going to a wedding in Mexico. The US just put out an advisory to avoid unnecessary travel to Mexico.

Good luck with the meds. Yeah, you'll have a couple of days grace before you are a raving lunatic, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I wanted to introduce myself and cheer you on. I went to CCRM for my 5th IVF and got PG but suffered a loss at 20w. I went back for try #6 and have healthy twins (who are starting to terrorize my dogs now!). I am hoping that your 2nd try at CCRM gives you similar results, you are definitely working with the best. :-) -Natalie

Anonymous said...

Yay on a new beginning to a new cycle!!!!

kayjay said...

Your two dogs sound hilarious - love it that you voice their thoughts :). GL with this FET and I hope that the meds don't take too much out of you (or Brett!!). Aren't you soooooooo glad you don't go to your old doctor anymore? Imagine if he, in his current nutty way, was your first brush with an would think that all you needed to do was receive the positive energy from the Universe in order to have a baby! Bah!

Sachin Malhotra said...

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Blossom and Her Fruit said...

ick on that RE. that is too much. people go to him for medical opinions. if they want his other emails, let them at least opt in instead of broadcasting. weirdo.

anyhow... wooo hooo on gearing up! I am 5 days ahead of you in Lupron but overall same schedule. Let's get this party started.

Will you please post weekly garden pics. i love to see things grow.

DAVs said...

Ugh, The Secret. I hate it. Mostly because people who believe it tend to blame infertiles for their infertility via the secret. Interesting that it's your RE who's into it!

Anonymous said...

So happy you got the green light! Hoping this cycle does the trick for you - ya never know.

It is actually SNOWING at my house as I type this, hard to believe people are planting in their yards (I'm in eastern WA)! Glad your dog was having fun in the sun.

Hope the drugs don't mess you up too much, good luck!

PS thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

PSS - just finished my first Evanovich book (thanks for recommendation) and I must say if you like those I bet you'll like Sue Graftons Alphabet series (A is for Alibi, etc). They are nearly identical - but that's great if you just want escapist lit!

Nikki said...

Yay for the go ahead! Good luck!

Oh and yeah, your old RE sounds like a nut!

Waiting to see pictures of the doggies and the garden!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweets! I can't believe I missed this post. I have been a bit side tracked. I wanted to wish you all the best for your FET. YAY! Are you going to put back the 2 normal and the other that was not known, or just the 2? This is your cycle! It is going to work. I like what the woman said about her twins and her dog. Its gonna happen for you guys. I am looking forward to cheering you on.