Monday, May 4, 2009

What a week (end).

I haven't posted because I have very little good to say! Just to give you a hint of what has been going on around here. Brett has shingles. Monday night he started hurting, thinking he pulled a muscle in his back over the weekend. Tuesday he came home from a business trip and I gave him a back massage- trying to work out this knot he thought he had. Wednesday morning, we noticed a rash where the knot was. By Wednesday night the pain had become shooting pains that advil wasn't helping. I could feel him physically jump when the pain would shoot through this back and to his chest. By Thursday I was contacting our PCP to tell them he has shingles (nice that I self diagnose, right) and contacting Brett's sis who is a doctor b/c he was insisting that it wasn't shingles and he'd be fine. By Thursday night I got him to the PCP- yup, shingles. So, now he's on meds- but the only pain med they gave him is a patch that you stick on to locally numb the area and he is horribly allergic to it - gave him another rash (in the exact square shape of the patch) so the poor guy is in serious pain. Oh, and yes, being the panicked person I am, I called CCRM and they said that I am fine to move forward as long as I don't have shingles. (it isn't contagious - well, he can give chicken pox to someone if they touch the rash, but I've already had that and I can't actually catch shingles from him). So, that was fun.

We have a dead mouse (or mice) in the ceiling above our small bathroom downstairs. I know this b/c it STINKS! I've heard mice in the walls on occasion - they've never made it into the house but there is evidence of them in the connected garage and I've found where they've been entering the wall from the garage to the family room, where I hear them sometimes. We've caught a few here and there in traps (sorry - I hate to hurt any living thing, but what else can you do?). And, yes, we did the stupid thing and put out a small packet of poison after we found a nest in the garage and they weren't getting caught in the traps. (at first I thought this was a stupid idea- and it is- but then I thought about it and when we lived in MA, the house had mice when we moved in and we called an exterminator before we moved in and all they did was put out poison - so we did it). Well, now it stinks! And, it is getting worse...not sure how long it will take to decompose or how many flies we are going to see in the next few weeks. All I know is that the door to that bathroom stays closed and I light a lot of candles and freak out all day and night about this situation. I HATE IT. I love our home and I am pissed that it smells bad and we can't be comfortable and safe in our own home. I'm serious- you can't smell it on the floor that our bedroom is on, but I can't sleep because of this. (I say the floor our bedroom is on instead of what floor b/c we have an oddly shaped split level and it technically has at least 3 floors and the dead mouse is in the ceiling of the first floor, the bedroom is on the 3rd, but that makes our house sound huge and it's not- just normal sized.).

There has been other stuff going on but most of it isn't worth mentioning too much. I am now on AF-alert. I usually get her on day 26 but we estimated her for day 31 b/c of the lupron. Today is day 27, so any day now....hopefully by Friday/Saturday, but the sooner the better. Oh, and I think I hate facebook. Oh well.


kayjay said...

Oh yuck - I'm so sorry to hear that Brett has shingles. I've heard that it can be quite painful and with the addition of the allergic reaction on top of it...adds insult to injury. Ugh. I hope he feels better soon. Your mouse problem sounds awful and I can appreciate how it is bothering you so much. You want to fix it and get rid of it but you can't. I have started doing the AF dance for you so hopefully she will show soon!

Jill M. said...

Ugh, so sorry to hear about Brett's Shingles and how painful they are. Thank God it isn't contagious with your FET coming up.

We thought we had a mouse in our attic as we could hear it running around. We later found out it's a squirrel. It hangs from the side of our house and eats through our air vent. We keep replacing the air vent and he keeps eating through it. I used to think they were so cute, now I'm starting to push on the gas peddle when I see them in the street. Just kidding! My dh is about to get a shotgun, LOL. Intrusive varmits suck. I hope you get the mouse situation fixed soon.

I'm with you on waiting on AF. I need her to come today or tomorrow in order to not jack with my plans.

DAVs said...

Ugh shingles and varmints! What a weekend. And sorry about Facebook. I stay away from it.
Hoping AF will come on for the party soon so you can get to the next steps!

Blossom and Her Fruit said...

Oh poor Brett. Shingles is very terrible. And puke on that smell of dying mice. icky!

I finally got AF yesterday. Ugh. I was soooo late. I hope you get her today! I'll send her on.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Poor Brett. Shingles is no fun. Hope he feels better soon.
Wear white pants. AF will surely show up then!

Kris said...

I am so sorry that Brett has shingles, that is no fun. I hope he feels better soon.

We had a mouse in our house a couple of years ago (I think it came from the woods behind our house) and it made me anxious that I would actually see it. After a couple of days, DH caught it and I was never so relieved in my life!

C'mon AF! Show your ugly self...we have things that need to get done!

JJ said...

Grrr, what a week! Poor Brett, I hope he's starting to feel better now. And super-glad it's not going to get you.

The mouse thing sounds horrible and I hope you can get it sorted out asap. You don't want horrid smells in the house when you're pregnant :-).

AF better show up! It's awful being under time pressure for it. You've left yourself a nice amount of time so hopefully it will all work out perfectly!

The only good thing about the week you've had is that it sounds like it's made the time fly past.

meinsideout said...

Sorry about the shingles and the dead mouse. It will go away...eventually... but it will help if you have a dehumidifier to put near the source....

Clausewitz said...

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Rebecca said...

Yuck! I would be totally freaked out too. I'm sorry you're having to deal with such craziness right now. Hopefully Brett will feel better soon - the allergy on top of the shingles sounds like the icing on the cake.

BTW, I will think good thoughts for you w/regard to July 11. Coincidentally, that's my birthday. Hopefully it will be a day that brings you happiness this year.