Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maybe 8 weeks?

I talked to my nurse today. I had to call b/c I've been having weird cyst-type symptoms, not the least of which is that I am at cycle day 34 of a 26 day cycle and still no AF (no, don't get your hopes up...I don't!). I talked to her and she said, "I can't remember- how far along are you in the wait?" I said Friday will be 5 weeks. She said, "Well, it should just be a few more weeks - probably closer to the 7 to 8 week mark, they've had a backlog but they are basically through it and they should be getting results back to us sooner again". Um, ouch. Then I asked her about the thyroid/BCP connection since she told me to call when I got AF and she'd call in BCP's for me. She said they don't usually worry that the BCP's can impact TSH levels in those who are hypothyroid, so they'd totally put me on BCP's. Answers that, I guess. Though, I'm not sure if I should argue it?

Well, what do you know? I go to the doctor for a weird back pain I've been having that seems to directly correlate to the weird digestive symptoms I've been having and they order X-rays. There I am, for the first time considering whether we should discuss pregnancy. Then I thought harder and realized I have serious AF cramps we went ahead with the xray (after instense texting with Brett in which he was insisting I try to get a pregnancy test first) and within an hour of the xray, I got AF. So, I called the nurse again and here I sit waiting...

That is my excitement this week. A LONG wait likely and soon to be starting BCPs that turn me into a witch. I'm so not kidding. Brett has stood by me through all of this IF stuff for YEARS with a smile on his face and supportive arms to hold me up and the one time he said he wasn't sure he could live with me was when I was on BCP's for less than 2 weeks to try to shrink a cyst. Needless to say, I stopped the BCPs and let the cyst shrink au natural. Saved our marriage. So, watch out. Though, I might still discuss this with my nurse when she calls...

Oh, and on another front, I am proud of Iowa and Vermont- no matter what people think of gay marriage, you can't seriously argue that it undermines traditional marriage or ruins your own marriage - if that were the case, your marriage isn't worth saving! I am so proud of having lived in Vermont for years! I just want people to be happy and I, personally, think it is great:-)


MamaSoon said...

I had no idea you were in Vermont. I don't know where I thought you lived but not there. Hee.

So yay for getting AF, even if she is mean to you now. Let me know what you finally decide with BCPs. I know that when i switched from desogen to the brand ccrm prefers, i didn't have a case of the evils. My DH can't handle me on them either.

I am rooting for you!! So when would you have your transfer? Early may or early june? I got my lupron today! I am mid may. Good luck!

DAVs said...

Yay for civil rights! And I liked your point--if you think same sex marriage ruins yours, then yours wasn't worth saving! Good one.

Sorry about the evil BCPs...maybe they'll be easy on you this time.

Nothing like an Xray to bring on AF. Either that or white pants. Or wasting a pregnancy test. You know the list goes on and on.

Jill M. said...

BCPs make me eat everything in sight! Progesterone makes me evil.

Seems we're always waiting... I've been waiting on my protocol since Tue. It's ready, my nurse just needs to put together my calendar. I can't get her to tell me what it is, so irritating!

Sending you some more "hurry up" vibes.

Sky said...

Have to comment on the hypothyroid. Before first IVF a year ago at old clueless clinic, my thyroid came in at 6.something and they were iffy about putting me on Synthroid. Worse still, they had no clue there is a link between hypothyroid and pregnancy loss. I went to adult endocrinologist (who by some miracle has undergone extensive IVF with his wife in last 5 years) and he said that the optimal range is 1-2 for IVF so he put me on .75 mcg's of Synthroid (but said outside of pregnancy, no need for meds). Within one week, I was under 2 and every 4-6 months new bloodwork indicates range between .5 and 1.10 - perfect.

Well, I started BCP's a few weeks back and my thyroid check last week revealed 1.7 (the highest in the last 15 months). I'm not concerned, YET. But when CCRM runs the labs on me next month before my cycle I will be sure to alert my adult endocrinologist if it's over 2.5 and seek counsel from him as to what I should do (or if I shouldn't worry about it 'cause BCP's stop before cycle and that'll give time for levels to lower.

Regarding CGH results, I know this must be frustrating (like me waiting for a donor) but it looks like 2-3 weeks and you're golden. I can't wait!

Sky said...

Oh, one more thing. Adult endocrinologist asked me to call him "as soon as you learn you're pregnant - I'll want to check your levels and probably increase dose for a while because pregnancy can require more of your thyroid."

Anonymous said...

Yay vermont! I agree, tend to your own marriage and don't worry about what other people are doing - they aren't affecting you!

What a drag AF took so long, but you are finally on track again! Hopefully you can get a different brand of BCPs, I know different brands affect me in WAY different ways. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

yes, vermont! glad the old hag showed up, I hope this cycle is it for you.

I am a crazy person on bcps - but the worst ever was the provera they gave me to get AF when it did not show for 45 odd days after my first loss...I was a true lunatic.

Lost in Space said...

So glad she finally made her appearance. Only when we want her to rear her ugly head does she hide it out.

Yeah, those BCPs are evil little pills. How long will you have to be on them? Once your CGH results are back, how long to wait before you go in? I know you want to do it right away, but do you have to be on BCPs for a certain amount of time, etc.?

I'm excited for you to get started!