Friday, March 6, 2009

Award!!! I won an award!!!

Thank you Nikki and Momsoon!!! I am highly honored. Ironically, I've always had better guy friends than girl friends and only recently found some amazing women who share common life experiences and who I relate to in it's been really nice to feel like a part of the group:-) So, thank you!!!

Here are the rules of the award: The rules for accepting the award are as follows:Put the logo on your blog or post.Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude and/or gratitude.Be sure to link to your nominees in your post.Let your nominees know they have received the award by leaving them a comment on their blog.Be sure to link this post to the person who nominated you for the award.

Now, I am going to cheese out and just say if you are on my blogroll and haven't received the award yet, please consider yourself chosen. The irony is that we all catch up with each other daily and I do believe that we have all linked each other with these fun awards already - or almost I am out of ideas and would have to spend half of the day looking for blogs to tag, lol, and that is just against the spirit of the whole thing!

In the meantime, the bed guy is coming today to check out our "defective" mattress, though I doubt our butts have put enough of a dent in it to show this after only 6 months. But, there it is. In the meantime, thanks for your suggestions on beds - Brett and I are going mattress shopping this weekend and I am armed with your great suggestions!

Besides that, I have a few small updates. First, both of my frozen embryos died upon thaw. I spoke to the embryologist yesterday because I was shocked. If my embies are that weak, what can I expect from the 4 they just froze? Well, little did I know that back in October CCRM was still slow freezing the embryos that weren't doing CGH. So, instead of the >5% mortality rate upon thaw, we had a 25-30% mortality rate and I was on the bad side of that statistic (oh, what else is new?). So, that sucks. I'm just so glad we didn't take Dr. S's advice after my m/c and go in for a FET - can you imagine the disappointment? Then I sent an email to Dr. G about how sad I am about our results, how shocking it is, and whether or not it is even worth sending them out for testing. Of course, he was all positive. Said he was surprised as well that we only had 4, but that he still has high hopes for our normal rate. I didn't want to disagree, but there it is. It is disappointing but I can't change it. However, this is the worst I've ever done and I'm not sure if I am deluding myself by thinking it was just a bad cycle. Is there such a thing as a bad cycle? Or is this a harbinger...? In any event, nothing to do but move forward.


MamaSoon said...

Argh! That totally sucks about your 2 frosties. I didn't know that. Glad I went in december. That is a shocking difference and it is amazing the speed at which the ART industry is developing. Hugs

momsoon said...

i am praying for your 4 little ones and their testing, for you to have a 'defective' mattress, therefore able to get a new (FREE) one and mostly for you to feel some relief from the dissappointment/frustration of it all...
now, i am going to look up the word harbinger. ;) xoxoxoxoxo

DAVs said...

I agree with you--thank goodness you didn't do the FET. And that SUCKS about the slow freeze method.

And you know, I DO think you can just have a "bad month." Dr. M at CCRM told me they even see if with their proven donors, especially after multiple stimulation cycles. They'll tell them to go take a break for a while and then come back and things are good again. And it is still beyond me how I had great fert rates twice and horrible fert rates twice. TWO OFF MONTHS? Maybe, maybe not, but is something to consider and may not be a completely bad sign for the future.

And I will continue to say this: I have a good feeling you'll get two normals out of the four!

Jill M. said...

I CANNOT believe your 2 frozen embies didn't thaw! Thank GOD you didn't go for a FET with them, what a disappointment that would have been! I'm so sorry that you only got 4, I guess the Saizen didn't work its miracle. I do have high hopes for at least 2 normals.

To test a defective mattress, stretch a string from one corner diagonally to the other corner and see if there are any gaps. We just bought a tempurpedic because our top of the line Sterns & Foster was sagging big time, felt like we were sleeping in a hammock. The TP is very expensive, but we got it with 3 yrs no interest. You do get a 90 day trial period, so if you don't like it, return it for a full refund minus s/h. I'm waiting for mine to break in. The same mattress at the store is much softer than mine, but I've read it takes a bit to break in. I have the Rhapsody. We were struggling between that and the Celebrity. Don't bother shopping for the best deal, all sellers are under contract by TP and cannot offer any sales. The most they will do is give you free s/h and a couple free pillows. Do take time to lay on each model as they are very different in levels of support/comfort. We also got the adjustable foundation (not from TP as theirs was very very expensive) and we LOVE it! We sit up in bed and read, surf the net or watch tv. Yep, lazy. Good luck!

Sky said...

Yeah, sobering news about CCRM's freezing method. If you're doing CGH, you've lucked out - as vitrification is what's done. If it's a normal cycle (which includes the DE I'll do with them), they use the slow freeze method. Dr. Surrey told me it's because vitrification has only been studied for short term use (i.e., freeze and use embryos 2-3 months later) vs. slow freezing where the embryos might live for a few years until they're used.

I was ticked at this and felt like re-addressing. After all, I would use my fresh embryo(s) right away but if, Heaven forbid, it was a negative, I would get on track following month and get rolling on FET - and so forth, until done.

In other words, I would have no embryos sitting around for years until I use them. And I have virtually zero likelihood of having more than one pregnancy (I know my limitations) so the remaining embryos would be donated to another woman/couple.

And, frankly, vitrification is state-of-the-art. It bugs me that it isn't used across the board by them yet.

Anonymous said...

I have a good feeling about your 4 embies!
Good luck with the mattress shopping, I hope you find something, comfy!