Friday, June 26, 2009

Thirty Five?

I turn thirty five tomorrow. Ugh. Years ago, when we first started this IF thing, we thought we'd be on baby number 2 by now. But, over time, our goals change and so far, so good, we've met our revised goal - I am pregnant by my 35th birthday. I know a lot of women are older than this and still getting pregnant and I know I will be back at it- doing more retrievals as soon as possible so we can have siblings at 36 or 37 or 38....40. What I've learned through this whole IF thing is to be flexible:-) But, 35!!??! Once you've had a hard time getting pregnant and seek out an RE you learn...35 is the fertility cliff. I'm falling off. But, I've also learned that Brett and I are super-strong together and can get through anything...and I've learned that IVF does work and really isn't all that bad (its the losses that are bad)...I've learned what I want in life and to not rest until I get it or get too tired to fight for it anymore. So, tomorrow is going to be a happy day. 35 and pregnant.

We have no real plans. I have been pretty sick lately and spend about 75% of my day trying not to throw up. The funny this is that I spend most of that time thinking about food and thinking about food makes me sick. There isn't a damn thing that I want to eat but my stomach hurts A LOT when I don't eat and then once I eat, I start this awful burping thing that turns into dry heaves and I'm convinced I'll vomit but my body has other plans. Apparently once the calories go in, my body absolutely refuses to let them back out. So, I've lost about 4 lbs and am barely 7 weeks pregnant. I'm working on a system. Hopefully I figure something out. About tomororw-my mom invited us over for a BBQ, but what can I eat? I'm also totally unsociable at night b/c I'm so tired. So, I just called her and changed it to a breakfast for my bday:-) Also - found something cool at the grocery store- Betty Crocker came out with Gluten Free baking mixes! So, Brett is making me a cake tomorrow (pray the kitchen doesn't burn down)! I'm sick of being totally high maintenance in the food department with all this gluten free stuff, but it seems to be doing the trick. At some point in the next week I'll write an informative post about GF and issues and stuff since I've had a lot of questions.
How cool is this? I see cakeballs in my future....!

Oh and, by the way, I am NOT complaining about the sickness. Part of me asked for it. When I first found out I was pregnant I thought "I hope I get a little m/s just so I can be oddly reassured that the baby is still growing and wreaking havoc"...well apparently the powers that be did not hear the "little" qualifier I put on that...but I will not complain at all. I know that my HCG levels are high and something is going on in there for now. So, bring it on:-)
What a great birthday gift.


Pie said...

Happy Birthday!! As my somewhat morbid mother always says, it's better than the alternative!!

Have lost 4 pounds or gained? I've heard sniffing or sucking on lemons or ginger can help with the m/s. But I get being so glad to have it, it is reassuring.

Have a great day tomorrow!!

Jill M. said...

Happy Birthday Sue! Look down, I'm just a little bit further down the IF cliff than you, that's me waiving. What a great bday gift you have! =)

JJ said...

Happy Birthday! I hear you on the nausea! Hang in there!

Sky said...

Sue, have a WONDERFUL 35th birthday with your baby to share it with you! :)

Time does fly, I know. I couldn't have imagined being 42 and relatively new at this. Crazy!

So once the little one is here, you'll get cracking on another cycle. Wow! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for 35 and pregnant!!!! I am so happy for you!!! I hope you enjoy!

Polly Gamwich said...

So glad you are PG at 35 ... it is a gift isn't it? Man, such a gift.

Did I tell you that I'm gluten free too? It makes it rough when the nausea (or in my case - acid tummy) kicks in badly ... all you want are saltines!!!

Happy Birthday!!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Yay for being pregnant! Yay for your birthday tomorrow! Yay for gluten free birthday cake!

As far as the nausea/vomiting goes, if you ever want any advice lemme know. I was sick (as in puking several times a day on anti-nausea medication sick) for 4-5 months with both of the girls.

Happy Birthday!

DonnaPetit said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Perhaps some cake will sit well with you, if not, it's the thought that counts!

DonnaPetit said...

OOPS, I forgot to mention that my Mom was 36 when she had me. I think I've kept her young, afterall now she's 86 and still golfing. She thinks I'm the reason she went gray, but I prefer my way of thinking.

Me said...

What a fabulous birthday present!

(I know what you mean about those shifting goals, lol.)

Kris said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day and that the cake balls were awesome and that your house is still standing after Brett made them:):)

DAVs said...

I'm late to the party but I hope your GF cakeballs were divine! Or at least I hope they didn't make you sick :)
I hate 35, it's coming up for me too, but you are PREGGERS at 35, not still hoping to be!