Monday, June 15, 2009

Lazy weekend

We had a great weekend. We got a ton of work done on Saturday, including a lot of gardening, so that our Sunday was totally relaxing. So, I have some fun garden pics to post- things are starting to grow really nicely, and then I have a few funny dog pics (my dog, Sherman's, indian name is Dances with Sprinklers). In any event, things here are going well. I'm a nervous wreck all the time. I am trying to stay calm but after the last beta symptoms come and go and when they "go" I get really really nervous. For now, I have huge bbs. Seriously, I started my 30's with an A cup, then proceeded into a B cup with all of the IF treatments and a few (quite a few) extra pounds as a result. Well, my painful bbs are now overflowing a generous C cup. So, um, ouch. Other symptoms include too much spit- yes, I'm now that creepy person who has to keep wiping the sides of her mouth b/c she has too much saliva. This is always my first pregnancy symptom, so I welcome it, but, YUCK!!!. Besides that, I've been getting up every night around 2:30-3:30 AM with a burning stomach and have to eat a few crackers and take a tums before I can settle back down and, as of this morning, brushing my back teeth in the morning has me dry heaving tooth paste. So, fun stuff, but at least it reminds me that my hormones are still climbing, which is what I was going for! Brett and I are excited and cautiously optimistic. I am also aware that I am taking my cautiousness to extremes since I don't want to buy anything in anticipation of pregnancy or babies at this point - I have even been refusing to buy new bras that fit - but I think Brett will be putting an end to that since he feels bad for me and thinks I am being crazy.

I am also hesitant about changing my plans to go to my sister in law's wedding in Mexico in July. I know that if we have one or two little heartbeats in there, I will probably cancel my part of that trip. I really want to go but I also understand CCRM's concerns over treatment in another country in the first trimester...and I'd only be about 8-9 weeks at that point (oh, about the same week as my last m/c happened). It's not flying that I (or they) are worried about. It is that, what will I do if I start bleeding while there? Here, I would call the RE and head to the nearest hospital and hope they could do something. There, I would hit the local doctor's shack? I have no I get and respect their concerns. Not to mention, I would again have to travel with huge needles and try to get CCRM to write me a note for the flight so that I can bring the needles on a trip they don't approve of...hmmmm.. Oh well, such is life. But...MEXICO!!!!

Okay, so here are some garden pics:
This is the front part of our garden. The first few rows are zuchini, the other really large row is broccoli and in the back you see cucumbers and tomatoes. Last year, our garden was so huge that the tomatoes grew over our 6 foot fence...but the cold weather and very wet conditions seem to have stunted their growth so far this year. Concerned but not too much so. They are still growing nicely, just not freakishly like last year.

A very pretty zuchini plant - I think we will soon get some flowers!

Here is the fun, colorful stuff in the front of the house. Our house NEEDS it! it is a very bland colored house which was a light yellow with ugly green trim when we got it. We've changed it to a light yellow with a white trim but had to add lots of colors in plants so that it continues to look homey.
And, here is my little big guy having a ball with the back yard sprinkler. I make sure to use the halfway broken one anyway, because he can destroy one in no time. So, we put it out yesterday afternoon when it was really hot out. He had so much fun -he ended up getting us all soaked.
I had a few more pics of Brett and I sitting out on the deck yesterday but my computer and camera thing is all out of whack. I have a kodak camera and the software that came with it sucks (it woud identify any picture of the same thing - even from a different angle - as the same picture and not download any "duplicates") so I took it off of the computer. Now, my computer won't recognize the camera at all and never even opens up the camera wizard, nor will I be able to locate the camera via usb port on "my computer" so I actually have to download the pics to my little bitty laptop, put them on a portable memory device and then move them over to my desktop - what a pain! I have to figure this all out. Oh well, should keep me busy for a while!


PJ said...

This waiting for the u/s stuff is maddening! I am a little less nauseas today, and it has me worried. Only an infertile would welcome morning sickness!

Your garden looks spectacular! Wow!

I have a german shorthaired pointer, and he loves the water too. He actually loves to drink from the garden hose, while it's on full blast! It's hilarious!

Phoebe said...

Sorry about the m/s. That decision to go to Mexico is a hard one.

Your zucchini is so much bigger than mine! I only have one leaf on mine. You are going to have a lot of zucchini!

Jill M. said...

Very nice garden! Your dog is hilarious!

Wahoo on the big boobs! But sorry on the soreness. I can't wait for your u/s.

JJ said...

Love the garden! It's gorgeous, you guys did a great job on it!

Ah, the burning/sour stomach. This has been one of my big symptoms and really grrrrrrrr. Tums have only been taking the edge off and now I'm taking chewable Rolaids and they're doing a better job (they're on the allowed list). For me, whenever I don't have really bad nausea, I get sour stomach instead. Weird. Hope it goes away for you soon.

The Mexico thing is a tough decision. I've followed CCRM's advice to a T and not done any flying at all since I got pregnant. I told work I couldn't fly for the next few weeks and cancelled a California business trip I was supposed to go on. I feel constantly guilty about this (why do we women feel this way, or is it just me????), but I really don't want to risk anything after working so hard to get here. My first business trip will be to DC in early July at 13 weeks and I'm nervous about it. My OB told me I'd have a window between about 13 and 24 weeks where I'd be able to travel before it's too much (twins)..... I absolutely hate flying, even though I've always traveled a great deal for my jobs. Do I remember correctly that you don't like flying either?

I hope your ultrasound rolls around really fast, it's so nerve-wracking waiting for it. But I'm totally sure all will be well.

meinsideout said...

The garden is beautiful! I am so glad it appears as though your hormones are climbing!!

DonnaPetit said...

You two are so fertile, between the garden and you, Sue. You should be so proud! Dances with Sprinklers is too funny!

smittenkitten05 said...

Sorry about the morning sickness! (But I understand how it could also be really comforting to have those symptoms). If you really want to go to Mexico, why not try researching the local medical care before you make your decision? Maybe there's a decent place you could go in case of an emergency. You never know right? Good luck!

P.S. Your garden looks great!

kayjay said...

Love the pictures of "Dances with Sprinklers" - very funny!

If you are having reservations about going to Mexico, I wouldn't go. You don't want to do it and then have any regrets about that decision if something happens. Better to err onthe side of caution and your SIL understands. GL with your decision!