Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Belly pics...and some cute dogs:-)

Nothing too new here. I am still bummed about those pics. Thank you for all of the suggestions! I tried the walgreens thing and it didn't work...and I may still try the software that someone else suggested either this time or next time something like this happens since I am just having NO LUCK...but for now, I did take a few belly pics just to pass time. Not sure why they are looking a little smokey...strange. Again, camera issues! So, here is my 29 week belly:
Me, making a face at Brett when he kept telling me to smile...
And, look at our little family of dogs! Aren't they so cute? and, lest you worry at all about the little one...she keeps the big ones in line, trust me!
Besides that, I met my new therapist today and she was great! We had a good discussion about handling the issues with my mom, particularly when Teagan is born. She understands my concerns and sympathizes and didn't think it was odd that I was going to talk to someone about my mom and instead try to discuss my marriage and infertility struggles. It was very refreshing and very helpful. Although sometimes I feel a little dramatic to be seeing a therapist to help me deal with my mother (when I am 35 years old), I realized today that I need it for the support in helping to set boundaries and hold them.
I am still feeling GREAT. I have no real complaints. I get up a million times to pee at night but that is expected with her big nugget of a head crammed into my pelvis! My lower back hurts on occasion, but that is typical from even pre-pregnancy. I think that I am getting big but I don't feel it yet...sometimes forget I have the belly until I bump into something. So I guess that is all good. I'm really just kind of enjoying it. I love feeling her move and having Brett feel her move around in there. He always seems amazed at her strength, which makes me giggle, which probably makes her fall asleep and then he feels no more movement! Besides that, I still worry. Logically, I know we are in the home stretch and problems are unlikely at this point, but it is hard to shake the worry when you've lived with it for so many years. I just pay lots of attention to her movement and spend a lot of time praying for a healthy, happy baby.
Even funnier, you should see me in my maternity bathing suit, swimming at the Y. When I look in the mirror, I look like a big black bowling ball on stilts! It kind of cracks me up. However, I will say that the swimming is a life saver! I recommend it to all pregnant women...seriously. It helps with lower back pain, keeps everything moving, and when you start feeling bigger, it really feels great to be weightless for a while! I still love it. I know, at some point, I am likely to cut down on the amount of laps I do but for now, I'm still doing my daily 30 laps (though I take more breathing breaks since the lung capacity ain't what it used to be) but will probably slow down in the next month or so...or maybe not.


Jill M. said...

Yeah for belly pics! Wow, even though you're still small, you've really grown since I've last seen your belly. So cute! OMG, the pic of you and all the dogs is so cute, love it!

So glad to hear you found a therapist you like and I really hope she helps you through all the mom drama. I think it's your mom that needs the therapy though.

Good to hear you're feeling great. Funny you should mention that you're still worrying. I tried to call you today to ask when the worry will stop. I so don't want to worry but it seems to control me.

That's a funny visual of a bowling ball on stilts!

Hope in Virginia said...

You look great - must be all that swimming! I've thought about starting to swim - right now I'm still able to run - but don't know how much longer that will last. Love the pics - you're adorable!

Amber said...

Lovely belly pics! And you look so cozy with the pups. That Chihuahua is such a lil sausage (or should I say chorizo?? lol)

I'm glad you like your new therapist! Hopefully this one will work out much better than the last!

PJ said...

CUTE belly pics!

I'm also still loving your haircut. :)

Glad your pregnancy is still going smoothly.

Me said...

You really look great!

Not Your Aunt B said...

So cute! Love it! And swimming is a lifesaver.

Lost in Space said...

You look great...and your pups are adorable!

lastchanceivf said...

You look mahhhhvelous!!!

Lisa said...

Sue -- you look adorable!! Can't beleive you are getting so close now. It won't be long before you are holding your little miracle in your arms :)