Monday, December 14, 2009

31 weeks and a church story

As of yesterday, I am 31 weeks! I can't believe we are just chugging along at this! I woke up yesterday morning and got ready for church...I felt huge. I finally felt like I looked like I was in my third much so that I put on my long-ish discount maternity shirt that I've been dying to wear and thought I'd fit sooner than later. Well, we got into church and I got up to go to the bathroom before service started. As I was returning, I noticed a couple sitting across from us look at me and then both smile HUGELY. I kinda smiled and went to our pew and told Brett that I think that couple just figured out that I was pregnant too (we see them every week and over a month ago bumped into them at Lowe's where Brett and I realized she was pregnant). Anyway, at our "peace" break, my church has a tendency to clear out the pews and every single member greets every other member with a "peace be with you", I mean, it takes forever. Well, I see this woman (half of the smiling couple) who usually sits in church and knits with the pretty fabric sitting peaceably on top of her pregnant belly, make a beeline for us. She was sweet and smiling and said "welcome to the club!". So, I smiled, said peace and then asked her how far along she was (guessing she'd be due around the same time as me). She said "April"...and then she asked me. I said mid-February...and time stopped. Seriously, a moment frozen. Her eyes got wide, she opened her mouth, looked at my belly and FROZE. My mind feverishly backtracked...what did I say? what happened? And then I realized it is because they see me every week almost and just realized that I was pregnant and I am already so far along. Well, it was sooo uncomfortable. I coughed a little, sputtered, and said, "I know...I don't look big, I guess its just the way I am carrying her." She finally shut her mouth, looked at her husband, who had finally made his way over too...and then smiled and went back to their seats. Brett couldn't stop laughing. It wasn't that I am so proud that I am carrying funny or was just this odd frozen moment in time with the look on her face. Brett actually turned to me and was like "she is probably kicking herself for her reaction...b/c that was so funny!". Of course, it makes me nervous. I mean, is my baby tiny? I don't think so...I am measuring fine - well, one centimeter behind but my doctor said that the tape measurement is normal within 2 cm either that is normal. I am gaining weight like I should...less than my doctor said but more than the nurse practitioner wanted. So, normal. It was so awkward...I hate making people feel uncomfortable. The worst part is that I turned to Brett a few minutes later and whispered..."but I finally thought I looked as pregnant as I am!!!!". Oh well....on a good note, maybe I won't get any stretch marks, right?

When we got home, I asked Brett to take a picture of me so that I can preserve it and this very funny story. I mean, it probably isn't so funny in retelling but that frozen moment still makes me giggle! So, here is my 31 week belly pic:
I just look like a barrel in this pic:

And this one...who knows?

On another note, we are done with the childbirth classes. I'm not sure what I thought of them. The information was useful. It scared me away from most medical intervention and pain relievers in labor and delivery...though that wasn't her intent at all. She was pushing the pain meds and epidurals at the same time as saying they are likely to slow down or stop labor which will then require adding pitocin (and we all know that as soon as you add pitocin, your chance for a c-section increases). So, that didn't help. The breathing techniques were awful. I was kind of wishing I knew more at the start of this and tried to find a class in the Bradley method, which seems more along the lines of what I was interested in. Oh well. I seriously doubt I will use any of the breathing techniques but instead, resort to my well known yoga breathing techniques.

Also, I made an appointment to do maternity photos. Part of that grand prize from the baby expo included a few discount seatings with photographers. Some were baby-specific, others not. So, we are using one of those huge discount cards on a maternity photographer. However, I have no idea what to wear....I'm not big on the nude or flowy sash almost nekkid does anyone have any recommendations? I'm leaning towards a burgundy fitted v-neck and jeans, a white button down of Brett's and jeans and/or black pants. She said she liked colors so she'd prefer less whites and blacks...but I don't know. She also said to somewhat match Brett to what I am wearing...I'm so afraid of these coming out cheesy!!!! My appt isn't until mid-January, but I'm thinking on it.


Sky said...

I don't get it - you look big to me. The only time I've seen bigger is in a twin and triplet pregnancy at work. I'm not sure how much bigger you should be.

Sue said...

exactly what I thought! Thanks, Sky:-)

DAVs said...

That's weird, I tried to comment but I got some error.
I think that woman needs her eyes examined--you look 'normal preggers' for 30+ weeks to my eyes. Glad things are moving right along!

Caroline said...

Hi there,
I'm glad to hear that things are progressing well for you. I am at the same stage of pregnancy and I think I am a little bigger than you but not much. It also depends on the week and how the baby is positioned. You look happy and healthy and that's what matters!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Wear something that you feel beautiful in & that when you see it (or something similar to it) you will think back to when you were pregnant. I did do some photos with a bandeau top and skirt (both black, but I love black!) and loved them. They kinda make me wince now as I was HUGE (37 weeks)!

I think you look like a 31 weeker. If you're ever (ever, ever) bored, look in flicker for 31 week pregnant photos. They run the gamut. That's a funny story though. People are funny. In the same day someone would tell me I look small and someone else would tell me I was having the baby any minute! Ha!

Caroline said...

Hi Sue - Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! It's great to have the online sisterhood happening. I can't wait to follow your journey all the way to motherhood. x

kayjay said...

I know I keep harping on this but from one retroverted uterus to another, you're probably carrying more inside than she is. Her uterus is probably tilted forward which is making her pop out more than you!! You look great and as long as you are measuring okay, you're fine. As for the photos, just wear something you're comfortable in that shows off your shape without doing the semi-nude shots (I'm not a big fan of those either). And, if I read correctly, you have couponS so if the first photo shoot doesn't turn out, just book another one with someone else! Can't wait to see them!

DonnaPetit said...

I remember one day my mom's friend came by and said to me "you're not very big". That night I delivered my son. You've got two good reasons for not being huge, one your uterus and two your strong abs. If you do this again you'll be showing in your third week!

Jill M. said...

Welcome to 31 weeks!!! You look normal size to me too. You've actually really grown since the last pic I saw. Just cute as a button!

I got a feeling I'm going to be huge. People just started noticing I'm pg and I'm only 13 weeks. I guess that comes with being very short and short waisted.

sw said...

I agree with the other posts..
You look at least 31 weeks to me..
I mean she must be huge, if she looks that preggo and is not due until April..
You look great..I would not worry AT ALL about being too little...

Amber said...

I agree with everyone else - you look like you're 31 weeks! I mean, I feel huge comapred to you, but I also have a good, solid layer of fat and ZERO abdominal muscles to speak of! lol

As for the photo shoot outfit, I'd say wear something you're combortable in, something that hugs your shape and shows off your belly without being nekkid! lol Good luck!

SillyHille said...

I don't know that I've ever commented before, (lurker alert!) but found you from planet davila's blogroll!
Anyway, you look great! and as a photographer, I know how you feel about that picture thing- I have done some maternity pics fully clothed and they're wonderful. (If you want to see some, I can e-mail the link!)
Enjoy the "downhill" part of your pregnancy!

PJ said...

Yea, I don't really know squat about being pregnant (um, except that the first trimester is ROUGH!), but you look 31 weeks to me!!!

I'm sure I will be a house, being that I was already a house before getting pregnant and in my opinion I'm already showing... but it could be just bloat.

I thought the retroverted uterus was supposed to correct itself early in pregnancy? Am I wrong on that?

That's exciting about the photos! I'm sure they will turn out beautifully.

Paul Wynn said...

You look great in that. Some people with their mouths. No filter.. gosh..

Sheridan said...

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Enjoy your birth!

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