Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hearts are normal

The fetal echocardiogram took 2 hours! It was incredibly hard to do because it is almost impossible for me to lay on my back for more than 5 minutes...I was close to passing out a few times, we did some sitting up and some on my sides and we got it all completed. With great results. So far, their hearts are completely normal. All good here. Just a quick post and update....since I have an 18 month old whose favorite word is "mommy!!!!" running around me trying to get to the keyboard!

Oh...and woke up with pain in the belly and by this afternoon, you guessed it...stretchmark! Ugh. I got away without them from having Teagan but I knew I was in trouble when I found out we were pregnant with two. Such is life...we get a beautiful gift in having 2 more girls...but I have to pay just a tiny bit for it in probably never wearing a 2 piece again...not too bad of a bargain, I guess.


Hope in Virginia said...

Great news about the little hearts!

And I had stretchmarks BEFORE even getting pregnant, which is so sad!

Vaso said...

Congratulations on the great results!! As for the stretch marks, it's funny, like the previous commenter, I did have stretch marks before getting pregnant, but didn't really get any during my pregnancies!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad the cardiology appointment went well.

I'm with the other two on having stretch marks before getting pregnant. Heck, if stretch marks were my only issue, I'd be wearing that 2-piece proudly! But unfortunately about 90% of my fat gathers in my stomach area, so I look like I have a slight bump even when not pg, so I don't think I've been in a 2-piece since junior high... :-)

PJ said...

Great news on the cardiogram!

I hear ya, it was so painful to lay on my back. And they tell you not to lay on your back, but yet you go for a 2 hour ultrasound and do what? Lay on your back! :)

I have stretch marks starting at 5 inches above my belly button and going all the way down. I remember having none, and then having growth spurts where I'd get a whole bunch at once. Oh well, they were worth it!