Tuesday, October 26, 2010

trigger and hyperstim???

So we are set to trigger tonight at midnight. However, my nurse called this afternoon for us to come back and pick up some meds that the doctor would like me to start tonight to hopefully try to prevent hyperstimulation. Um, what? I have 18 good sized follies and in the past I've gotten 20 -21 eggs with each cycle just fine, so I thought I was doing okay...but it turns out that my estrogen almost doubled between yesterday and today and that is really what they worry about with hyperstimming. So, I start a new pill tonight at bedtime...has anyone else ever taken something to prevent hyperstimulation? was it a nightly pill? what did you think? I've never heard of this before but I'm pretty glad that they are being proactive, because I've always been afraid of hyperstimulating and now that it was the last thing on my mind and I had no concerns, there it is to scare me just a little! But, I am with great doctors and we are set to go! Egg Retrieval is set for Thursday at 11 am:-)

On another (and more fun...) note, my baby girl is crawling!! She's been doing a little bunny hop thing where she moves her hands forward and then hops both back feet forward, which was really cute, but really seemed to frustrate her. Well, as of today, she is moving forward with some speed at a nice crawl. Its so cute and she is pretty excited about it. Watch out, right? It is definitely time to baby-proof the house this weekend!!!

I'll try to update on Thursday or this weekend at the latest! Thanks for all the great comments and support!


Mo and Will said...

ooh! you are so close! sending all positive thoughts!

Pie said...

Best wishes for your ER! Sounds like you have lots of good eggs cooking in there!

Hope in Virginia said...

A million good vibes coming your way right now!

Jill M. said...

Wow, trigger time already, this went so fast!!! Well probably because you're so much more relaxed this time and didn't post much about it. Best of luck!!! I've never hyperstimmed despite astronomical e2 levels.

Awww, the bunny hop sounds so cute! Ugh, baby proofing, we haven't done any and don't look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue,
Just wanted to wish you good luck... things sound great and I am very excited for you.
As for the hyperstim meds, I've been given 3 or 4 shots at my last trigger in June (at CCRM), 1 before and the rest after egg retrieval, (we didn't transfer, because of the HCG testing). I'm sure you're in best of hands and don't need to worry.
Lots of baby dust to you, dear.

lastchanceivf said...

They had me take dostinex, which was ridiculously overpriced and I don't think does much for estrogen--all the endos I worked with thought it was a waste but I took it because my E2 was near 8000 and I did a double trigger. Soooooo...who knows, but I never hyperstimmed even with crazy E2s and getting 26 eggs.
Good luck!

Angie said...

Don't know about the hyperstim...

Good luck tomorrow, hope all goes smoothly! And no OHSS!

Bunny hops = FUN times! Get a video! :)

Linda said...

I never took an anti-hyperstim pill, even though at my last check before retrieval my follicles were well into the 20's. They did tell me to drink lots of gatorade and eat lots of salty foods. So I loaded up on G2 gatorade and ate chips. And they retrieved 34 eggs. But I do remember them giving me an IV drip of something to prevent hyperstim. Maybe that's it?

You've already had your ER by now, and I wish you all the luck. Sending you lots of good egg vibes!

PJ said...

Wow! That seems like a fast cycle! Course, everything seems to go fast for me these days.

Anyway, best of wishes!!!

Crossing my fingers that you avoid hyperstimming. Ugh.