Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Super short post

Okay, maybe she doesn't like the bear suit? Our house was cold last night so when DH changed her diaper, he decided to put her in her little warm bear suit (it was just for the hour before her bath time)...and we got this pic:-) Kidding, she liked the suit but what she didn't like was that I wasn't holding her hands and walking her around the room. This is Teagan's "frustrated" face. She makes it a million times a day when we put her on the floor and expect her to either play or work at crawling. If mommy isn't around, she'll play or work on crawling. However, if mommy is around, this is what you get...and basically, it means that she is mad at me for not walking her around the room. This kid wants to walk...not crawl (which she successfully did for 3 crawl steps last week but has not repeated). But, she's cute, right?

On the cycle front, I got AF on Friday, checked on Saturday, started stims on Sunday. I am doing 4 shots a day in my poor little (but larger than it used to be) belly. Ugh. But, we are trucking along. I have a follie check tomorrow and then we fly out on Thursday. Since it was delayed, I am very happy to say that Brett can travel with us (woo hoo!). I was terrified of taking Teagan on the flight alone since she is an incredibly active and curious child. I just didn't know how I would contain her alone...so now there will be 2 of us to do it. Luckily, she is usually pretty happy...so I have hope that things will go well, so long as I can keep her occupied!

I will update when I can:-) Wish us luck!

Oh...can I just add...Did anyone see the story this morning that Octomom's doctor "implanted" 12 embryos? First of all, the obvious thing - he put 12 embryos in? seriously? Okay, now I do have a problem with this guy....but most of all....why do all of the shows use this terminology? That embryos were "implanted"...they weren't. I seriously get so annoyed I have to turn the TV off when I hear this. And, why don't the doctors they are interviewing ever correct this terminology? If they implanted 12 embryos into octomom then she had at least 4 miscarry...No, they "transferred" 12 and 8 "implanted". It just gets me so mad because it seems to suggest that there is no risk with IVF, they implant them and you have a baby. Embryos implant themselves or they don't. Ugh. Maybe it is just a weird sensitivity on my part or maybe I am too literal but does this annoy you too?


Aysha said...

I certainly agree with your thoughts about the word "implant" used in so many stories in the media. Though I did see this quoted in the story about this particular case - "Though other doctors in the field say they're not impressed with it, Kamrava has long touted a method of in vitro fertilization that implants an embryo _ or sometimes sperm with an unfertilized egg _ directly into the uterine lining." So I am wondering if the dr. actually did his "implant" procedure on the octomom. Possibly, but I also saw in the same story that the prosecutor used the term "transfer" so it's a bit confusing in this case. Hmmm.

Sky said...

I am as literal, as you. I HATE when the term "implanted" is used. And you're right, it implies that if you have embryos, it can be implanted and - voila - baby on board. And I'm equally annoyed that the "experts" NEVER correct the reporters.

Not that I think "transferring" (which is what it is) 12 effen embryos isn't GROSSLY IRRESPONSIBLE (I swear, the children who have some ill effects from their low birth weight and prematurity should sue the pants off of this guy when they're emancipated) but you can transfer a hundred embryos and never have one implant.

That part's not up to the doctor - I wish it were!

Kate said...

Pisses me off too.
Good luck with your cycle (and the flights!).

Jill M. said...

Oh she is so cute, even when frustrated. Tyler has the same bear outfit, he has the navy jacket and the brown suit. Tyler is the same way with me, more expectations and fussy if they're not fully met.

It totally frustrates me too when they say "implant" instead of "transfer", so of course everyone says it that way. What really gets to me is when an IVF patient says it!

Best of luck to you on this cycle! So glad Brett can go with you. I can't wait to hear all the details.

Kris said...

Good luck on your trip to CO! Can't wait to hear how it goes:)

Anonymous said...

I don't think the dr transferred 12 at once--I think that must be the total over time--I recall that 6 were transferred and 2 split which gave 8. Irresponsible, yes, although it's not unheard of to transfer up to 5 untested embryos to older women. So I don't think he should lose his license.

And I totally agree-- that "implant" thing drives me crazy. I must have heard that word a dozen times in just one news segment.