Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just a few quick pictures

Since we can't stop taking pictures, I thought I'd share a few. We are leaving tomorrow for a short trip to visit family and friends a few hours away (wish us luck!!!) so I wanted to post these before we left. As an update...She is growing great. She was weighed in at 8lbs 9oz yesterday at the pediatrician's office, so the breastfeeding is going well! My nipples are still a little sore so we did break out the pump and I've used it a few times so that daddy can feed Teagan but I am not having luck with the pump at all. I'm not sure what to do. I can only pump very little and there is always a ton of milk left in the boob! I called Me.dela because I have one of their better pumps and they suggested bigger breastshields thinking that my nipples may be too big (?!) but that wasn't the case b/c I bought those ($12.99) and then bought bigger ones (another $12.99) and still the original size M ones work the best, but I still only get at most 2 oz per breast and then I can still feed Teagan until she's full AND hand express milk after that! So, clearly my expensive pump doesn't work properly!!! Anyway, that is another story. Another update...and this one may be TMI, so be careful, lol....even if you didn't get hemorrhoids from pushing a baby out, give it a week or two and you may be surprised when they appear and OUCH!!!! I had to go to the OB yesterday b/c I've been having a problem with the back end...and they told me that women often damage those muscles during birth but are unaware until weeks later when the hemorrhoids come to visit. Ugh. I thought I got off so well with barely any damage and no hemorrhoids but there they are!
Oh, and after all of that, I'm dying to call up CCRM and make an appointment with my RE so that we can do this whole thing again!!! I'll outline my plan in future but I do see a retrieval and CGH testing sometime this late fall/winter. That clock is ticking!!!

Okay, anyway, here is Teagan in the last few weeks...growing:-)
Looking a little paranoid...enough with the camera, dad!
Spending time with the puppies:
Her favorite place to take a nap:


Kristen and Kiko said...

She is so beautiful Sue! She is getting so BIG!!! Oh and about the pumping thing...I rented a hospital grade pump from the hospital and it worked SO MUCH BETTER than the store bought kind if you want to try that route! Good luck on your trip!!

Pie said...

She is so lovely! :)

Kate said...

She really is gorgeous.
I felt like I was reading something I could have written when I read your last post. The ouchiness of BFing, but enjoying it anyways, how my husband is better at soothing her than I am (though I have the usually failsafe put her on the boob in my arsenal), how she's pooping and peeing everywhere. And even how I want to get to the cloth diapering (we're using a diaper service for prefolds and adding the Thirsties Duowrap on top), but am finding I need to keep her in newborn disposables for a couple weeks to start because she's only 6lb10oz right now.
Hope your nipples heal and the pumping starts to function better in the very near future. I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the nipple tunnel these days. At least my areolas no longer are red and chapped. And when her latch is really good, the nipples are almost feeling fine.

Jill M. said...

Awwww, so precious!!! Sorry about the sore nipple and hemorrhoids, hope those clear up soon. Keep the pics coming!

kickernik said...

Sue, she's beautiful. I love the picture of Brett holding her. He's one proud Papa.

Have fun on your trip.

Rebecca said...

Adorable photos! I'm glad all of you are doing so well (hemorrhoids excepted - hopefully those will go away quickly.)

Not Your Aunt B said...

Ouch on the hemorrhoids! Never had them, but OUCH!

Try pumping after you've nursed. Sometimes it's hard to get a let down reflex with the pump alone- massage, looking at baby photos/smelling baby clothes, visualization, and heat to the boobs before you pump can help. I had the off-the-shelf medela and it worked great. I could fill up two bottles in no time flat- good as I was donating a lot of the milk to the local milk bank. Hope it gets better!

AND OMG! She is SO SO CUTE! I just want to eat her up! How you get anything done- I would be staring at her all day. Such a pretty baby.

Lost in Space said...

She is adorable! How are the pups doing with her?

Me said...

Is it weird that the prospect of hemorrhoids scares me more than giving birth?

Caroline said...

Sue - she is so gorgeous!
I hope that your trip went well? Let me know how you got on.

Amber said...

How precious!!! She's so beautiful!

I had the SAME problem with my Medela pump. Medium barely got anything out. I went up a size- too big. I went down to a small, and they worked better, but still not very well. Sooooo frustrating.

Sara said...

Sue, I've followed your blog from Fertility Community, and just wanted to weigh in... First and foremost, she's beautiful! As for the pump, my hospital had an outpatient LC office which I could use freely and I was having the same issues. I have a pump in style. I took it in and they gauged the pressure and found that it wasn't working properly. Medela has a year replacement/repair warranty, so you're covered!