Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pediatric Cardiologist

We had our pediatric cardiologist appointment today...and all went GREAT! They were very very thorough, our appointment was at 2 pm and we didn't leave until close to 4. It took about an hour on the ultrasound machine, checking every part of her heart, the valves, different angles, blood flow and even blood flow from the placenta. I started getting nervous just because there was so much going on. But, when the doctor finally came in, we got the great news. They can't say that she definitely won't have a heart defect but there was no arrhythmia today and they just ruled out 95% of heart defects by doing this scan. There are about 5 that they can't see at this time, one of which was the one I was born with (but we aren't overly worried about b/c we all know how that turned out!). He did say that when we walked in the door, my baby was 10X more likely to have a heart defect than in the normal population, solely because I had one myself. However, when we were walking out, my baby is now 10X less likely to have a heart defect than the general population. Those are great stats for me! We also got to stare at our little wonder and all her moving parts for about an hour:-) Unfortunately, we don't get any pics from this ultrasound! But, she was cute and wiggly!!!!

Here is a new belly pic. I think the green shows my cute little bump better than the other shirts. I am definitely showing now:-) I feel great so far and have no major complaints except my hips hurt at night...which is annoying and I am getting a memory foam topper for the bed hoping that the softness will help me out....but really, that is not much of a complaint!

I'll post more later in the week since I have a few good topics to cover...but I'm tired and just wanted to let everyone know everything is alright!


PJ said...

That sounds very reassuring! Plus, I'm sure watching the ultrasound for an hour was wonderful. :)

Yes, you are definitely showing!

DAVs said...

Super cute pic! I'm glad the cardio was so reassuring and you got all that 'face' time with the baby :)

Not Your Aunt B said...

Yay and yay!

kayjay said...

That's great news! You look great too!

Jill M. said...

Great news!!! That is awesome that you got to spend an hour watching your little girl! I'm bummed you didn't get any pics of her. Cute belly bump!