Monday, August 10, 2009

One trimester down, 2 to go!!!

So, I'm counting 13 weeks as the first trimester. Some people count 12 weeks, some 14...but 13X3=39, which is close enough for me:-) Plus, I must belong to one of those baby lists and all the "13 week" updates that came in my mailbox yesterday said "congratulations on making it to the second trimester!" so, here we are. I never thought I'd get here. Then I thought if I do get here, I will be so happy I will be dancing around the house, making my dogs crazy. I'm happy to be here but part of me is still in disbelief! I've made it to the 'safer' part of pregnancy. Supposedly, our chances of miscarrying now are down in the 1% area...which is amazing...but I'm still feeling so cautious. I'm happy....but cautious. I know our little girl is getting bigger b/c I look downright chubby in the belly area and when I use the doppler, I can find her in no time now, but sometimes it is hard to believe that I am carting around another person in my body! I feel like I'm constantly pushing off that moment where I feel like everything is going to be okay...first it was to make it past the 9 week mark and get a viable ultrasound (bypass the time of the last miscarriage) then it was make it to the end of the first trimester and now it is the point at which I feel movement and/or really start to show...what will I make it after that? Birth? first grade? high school graduation?

Anyway, besides my wacky inability to grasp the concept that we will have a baby in 6 months, things here are great. We have a new addition to the family - my mom's chihuahua has come to stay with us. I think she is a permanent addition. She just needs extra care that my mom isn't willing to give. Basically she is a morbidly obese 7.2lb chihuahua, who is the absolute sweetest thing on four (skinny, little) legs. I asked to keep her after the last time we dog sat b/c I wanted to see her a little more active and see if Brett and I can help her lose a little of that extra heft. So, I've been forcing the poor thing to walk and play:-) Its been fun.

I've been feeling MUCH better. I'm still tired and don't absolutely love food...but I'm not sick anymore. Once in a great while I'll feel nauseous, but overall, its almost normal. I just wish I liked food more...but my OB told me that I shouldn't worry, I'll love food too much all too soon. I've been going to the YMCA three times a week and swimming about 30 laps each time. Its been tiring but is great for me and our little one. I'm back to doing yoga and I walk a lot. Its not that I'm afraid to gain weight for this pregnancy...I know how important it is...I just can't gain a lot b/c I am at high risk for gestational diabetes b/c of family history. My OB said I should shoot for about 35 lbs and I'll stick with that. Currently, I am up 1.2 lbs:-)

Here is the update on my little girl:

She is the size of a....

Nutterbutter! Another book I have says that she is the size of a peach...but I liked the image of a little nutterbutter:-) Our baby can make a fist and suck her thumb this week. Her eyes are fused shut and she is making tiny little baby ribs and her bones and skull are solidifying. Her intestines have retracted into her abdomen and she is finally looking more human with her eyes in front now and her ears in the right place:-)

Oh! and, yes, the blog is moving into a pregnancy blog and then maybe a mommy blog and then an infertility blog again then a pregnancy blog, you get the idea. I started it as an outlet/update site and knew it was an infertility blog but the outcome of that infertility was this pregnancy, so will continue with it....following this journey forward wherever it takes us.


DAVs said...

This is an awesome milestone! I especially like the nutter butter reference :) Maybe you should eat some gluten free ones?
You will need to show us a belly pic soon!
Enjoy enjoy enjoy that little nutter butter :)

Not Your Aunt B said...

Aww...a little nutter butter. So cute! And I agree with your OB, you will be scarfing down food in no time. Do what feels right for now. The swimming sounds so refreshing!

kayjay said...

Congratulations on getting to the 2nd trimester!!! I too think that I will "relax" (haha) a little more when I get to that milestone but I think I will always worry no matter what. It is really hard to process that there is someone other than yourself there now - I totally get that! You are so put me to shame! The most I do is walk around the blook a few times with my dog. I'll have to get a little more the 2nd trimester! I agree with DAVs - we need a belly shot soon!

Jill M. said...

Congrats on making it to the 2nd tri! With a 1% chance of a m/c, girl, enjoy every min of this pg, don't let anything steal your joy. Make sure you give me this advice when I'm walking in your shoes! ;-)

Yeah, really, where's our u/s and belly pics?? I want to see the real nutter butter.

Kris said...

Congrats on making through the first trimester!:) Love the Nutterbutter too!!

I think as each stage comes and goes it is easier to relax. However scary each stage is.

Amber said...

Welcome to the 2nd trimester!!

(And now I REALLY want some Nutterbutters!)

Lost in Space said...

Congrats on the next stage! What an incredible milestone. I am so thrilled for you and hope each day brings you closer to feeling just like a regular pregnancy gal. (-;

Enjoy that little nutter butter!